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Amazon UK now delivers digital downloads of video games and software

Amazon users in the UK can now start taking advantage of a new feature on the site which allows them to download video games and software digitally, eliminating the need of waiting for their packages to arrive. This service was already available in the US prior to this, and with its arrival in the United Kingdom, it has brought in more than 600 software and video game titles that are immediately available for download right now for PC as well as Mac users.

When a customer purchases the concerned video game or software on Amazon UK, they can right away start downloading it onto their systems. This works for AAA games like Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3 and more, as well as for software packages such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and anti-virus and security products from Norton and Kaspersky. And that’s not all; customers on Amazon UK can also download free-to-play games from the website, and utilize it for purchasing in-game content if they wish to.

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Each buyer will have their own digital library, so content once purchased will be available to them for download any number of times. Most of the products will be placed at competitive prices by Amazon UK, and its trademark reviews, ratings and recommendations system will indeed apply to them. Pre-orders for digital content would also be taken by the website, whereas customers will even be allowed to buy product codes and keys to be redeemed on sites like Origin, Xbox Live and Microsoft Office.com.

Like we said, the digital downloads feature on Amazon UK is live now, albeit in its beta form. It will take some time before the service is up and running in a full-fledged manner.