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Amazon rolls out Premium Support for EC2 Developers

Amazon logo On Thursday, Amazon.com released a premium support program for developers using the online retailer’s cloud-computing platform.

Users of Amazon Web Services need to signup to get their questions answered or to receive technical assistance for operational issues during development, testing or integration of applications operating on Amazon’s infrastructure. The new service includes innumerable support cases. It is available without any long-term contract, via a monthly subscription.

Amazon lets out processing power and storage on its giant data center over the internet. Its Elastic Computer Cloud is the development and deployment setting; Simple Storage Service (S3) takes care of the storage, and finally the Simple Queue Service (SQS) covers storage, computing and query processing. The latest support plans cover all of these services.

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Silver and Gold premium support plans are being offered by the retailer. The Silver plan offers response times ranging from four business hours for high severity issues to two business days for less grave issues. It will cost users $100 per month or $0.10 per dollar of total monthly usage, whichever is more.

Coming to the next plan – the Gold plan, it offers 24-hour phone support along with response times of one hour for urgent issues. It will cost $400 a month, or $0.10-$0.20 per hour of AWS services, whichever is higher.

Also, Amazon introduced a web-based Health Dashboard feature through which all users can gain operational status on the services. Green, yellow or red indicators are used by the dashboard to show the health of services with extra information “provided as relevant.” The new dashboard will be available to its customers absolutely free through the status page on the internet or via an RSS feed.

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Amazon offers online forums, technical FAQs and a resource center for those developers who don’t want to pay for support. A site has also been rolled out for customers who want to sign up for the premium service.

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