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Amazon Pulls Paid “Celebrity Voices” Feature From Alexa

amazon-alexa Amazon customers who paid to have their Alexa devices speak using celebrity voices, have a few more months to continue enjoying this feature.

Since the launch of celebrity voices (initially pegged at $0.99 and then, $4.99) about three years ago, the Alexa smart speaker sector has not been performing as expected.

The feature in question allows users to add the personality of a celebrity to their Alexa device.

Customers could buy these add-on packs for stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Amitabh Bachchan, Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy.

It doesn’t look like Amazon will automatically issue refunds if you paid for a celebrity voice. But it will so upon request.

This means, anyone who wants a refund may have to contact the company’s customer support and ask for their money back.

If you now try to purchase a celebrity voice on Alexa, you will come across a page that says, “This skill is no longer available for purchase.”

Samuel L. Jackson’s voice was the first to be introduced and could tell users jokes and stories or answer questions. It will be pulled on June 7th next month.

The other celebrity voices will be given the boot sometime over the next few months.

You can still change the voice settings in an Alexa speaker, but you cannot buy a celebrity voice pack anymore.