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Amazon Prime Members Get Access To 100 Million Songs In Shuffle Mode

amazon logo Amazon has announced to provide 100 million songs to its Prime subscribers in shuffle mode, along with new features and ad-free content to improve the listening experience.

The company has expanded its Music catalog for Prime members to more than 100 million songs, up from 2 million.

The members can now explore music and podcasts according to their choice, the company said in a blogpost.

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The platform allows users to listen to a collection of All-Access playlists curated to personalized listening preferences and is available to download for offline listening.

Prime members can now listen to the trending podcasts available on-demand and new Amazon exclusive shows.

Additionally, the company introduced its Exclusive podcasts in all genres.

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Listeners will see a fresh look of the Amazon Music app and a new ‘Podcast Previews’ feature, the company said.

The new feature also provides short soundbites from podcasts that helps the listener to sample content.

‘Podcast Previews’ offer handpicked clips that are intended to acquaint potential listeners with podcasts and make it simpler for existing listeners to discover new favorites.

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Earlier, the company had announced the launch of auto-generated, synchronized transcripts on selected podcasts for users in the US.

The transcripts were available for episodes of selected podcasts by Amazon Originals.

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