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Amazon iPhone Fest offering big discounts on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and more

The Amazon iPhone Fest for June has begun with discounts on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The sale is set to stick around till June 12 and includes an instant discount of up to Rs 5000 for HDFC Bank Debit and Credit Card customers.

iPhone X Box

Starting off with Apple’s latest handset, the 64GB iPhone X gets a Rs 4010 markdown, dropping from Rs 89000 to Rs 84990. HDFC is offering an extra Rs 4000 cut, reducing the price to Rs 80990. The 256GB iPhone X grabs an even bigger Rs 4500 drop to sell at Rs 97500.

HDFC’s knocking down the rate of the 256GB iPhone X by Rs 5000, so you can buy it at Rs 92500. If that’s too expensive for you, consider the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Both devices benefit from a Rs 3000 discount courtesy HDFC. The 64GB iPhone 8 itself has become Rs 4001 cheaper at Rs 59999.

Amazon iPhone Fest Deals

The 64GB iPhone 8 Plus is currently Rs 1001 less expensive at Rs 71999. Going back further to Apple’s 2016 flagship, the 32GB iPhone 7 has dropped by Rs 2001 to vend at Rs 46999. HDFC is sweetening the deal by offering a Rs 2000 cut.

Even the 32GB iPhone 6S Plus gets a Rs 2000 markdown thanks to HDFC. That’s in addition to its Rs 11001 discount on Amazon India which means it’s available at Rs 37999. Meanwhile, the 32GB iPhone 6S has fallen by Rs 8901 to sell at Rs 33999. HDFC is delivering a Rs 1500 cut in the smaller handset’s case.

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The 32GB iPhone 6 is listed at Rs 23999, a Rs 5501 reduction. HDFC is promising Rs 1250 off to make it a bit more affordable. Finally, the 32GB iPhone SE has fallen by Rs 8001 to go up for sale at Rs 17999. HDFC is bundling a Rs 1000 discount with the smartphone.

You can check out the rest of the Amazon iPhone Fest here.