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Amazon India now allows you to sell your used goods

Sell As Individual

In a huge announcement, Amazon India has made it known that any individual in the country can now become a seller on its website. For now, this service has just been piloted in Bengaluru, but it’s supposed to spread throughout the nation soon.

Dubbed ‘Sell as Individual,’ this fresh offering from Amazon India can be registered for via this page. If you have an account on the e-retail website, you can immediately post your ad on it by filling in all the necessary details about the thing you are selling.

The way it works is also very impressive. If someone decides to buy your product, Amazon itself will schedule the pickup and delivery of it. Following the delivery to the customer, money will be credited to your Amazon Pay account.

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A commission will of course be involved here, but it is quite reasonable. Selling something for less than Rs 1000 will incur a Rs 10 charge, whereas a sale of up to Rs 5000 will result in a deduction of Rs 50. As for items sold above that price, the fee goes up to Rs 100.

Amazon India has also announced a promotion regarding its new launch. Under it, if one sells five books, video games, movies or music; or just one mobile phone, tablet or laptop, Rs 1000 extra will be credited to their accounts. This offer is just valid until 15 January 2017.

It now remains to be seen how long Amazon India’s ‘Sell as Individual’ program takes in order to open up in more territories.