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Amazon Birthday Gift hits Facebook

Amazon Birthday Gift

Amazon Birthday Gift has been introduced for all those who’d like to give their friends something nice on their special day but wish that Facebook would just do it for them. Or maybe it’s difficult to think of what the person on the receiving end would like and letting them pick a present for themselves is a better way to go about it.

Either way, Amazon will now let Facebook members send a gift card to a pal without breaking a sweat. Users can do so by navigating to the retailer’s page dedicated to the same and signing in with their SNS details. Once this is done, a prompt to log into the concerned Amazon account will pop up. After entering the required sign-in information, users will be able to see their list of Facebook friends arranged in order of their birthdays.

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A link to ‘Start a gift’ accompanies each name and from there onwards it gets as simple as writing a birthday message and picking an amount. There are four options of $1, $5, $10 and $25 to choose from. We’re assuming this might sound adequate to some and insufficiently low to others. Well, it’s the thought that counts. Users can opt to select an amount, check out the Birthday Gift and then mail invites to others who may want to pitch in. On the recipient’s birthday, a link to the gift claim as well as the accompanying greetings from those who contributed to the surprise will zoom into his/her Timeline.

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As part of a Give 3, Get $3 promotion to push the product, those who send three or more cards through Amazon Birthday Gift until July 21 (offer kicked off on June 17) are eligible for a $3 credit on purchases made before August 12. The promotional credit will be added to qualifying customers’ account five days after June 21 and it cannot be used for anything but physical items shipped by the seller. Remember, the service is not part of Facebook Gifts which was introduced to the US back in September 2012.

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Facebook users interested in sending their friends a present can go to www.amazon.com/birthdaygift and start clicking. The site may be accessed from a tablet, desktop or mobile phone.