5 Free Games Like Sims You Need To Play

The following free games like Sims let you dive into fantastic worlds where you’ll be able to call most of the shots. You can create unique characters, each with its own special individual personality. What’s more, many of the names listed out here even allow you to hop online and communicate with other players plucked from different countries across the globe. All of these games are packed to the hilt with fun socio-centric features. You can live an alternate lifestyle, take on the role of enigmatic personalities, get married and even have a baby.

Free Games Like Sims

Already excited? Well, waste no time in jumping right in and picking up the entire lot. After all, they are available at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

1 – Virtual Families

Virtual Families

If you think your kin is a little weird, just wait until you have one of your own. Virtual Families let you adopt and even look after the needs of an entire family. The whole gang is here, complete with parents and children. Published by Last Day of Work, the casual gem starts with you raising a little person. Gradually, you’ll have to make increasingly difficult decisions that will affect the family’s future and individual personalities. You can even choose whether your onscreen character should get married for love or money. And when the tiny people get sick, you are required to play doctor and treat their ailments.

You can also raise tiny tots, send them to college, solve puzzles, make improvements to the house and even gather loads of collectibles as well as more than 100 trophies. What’s more, you’ll have to deal with different weather scenarios that range from thunderstorms to sunny days. Now if you’re an Android enthusiast, you can avail of the Lite version from the Google Play store. But if you’re wielding an Apple device, you’ll be able to pick up the sequel namely, Our Dream House from iTunes.

2 – Second Life

Second Life

This entrant in our free games like Sims roster lets you create a stunning virtual avatar that you can show off around the vast 3D world. During your stay here, you’ll be able to meet and greet tons of players from across the globe and even have exciting conversations with them via voice and text chats. What’s more, the wonderful terrains and places you’ll be traversing through are all created by community members.

You can also visit the integrated marketplace where you’ll be spoiled for choice with a plethora of designer clothes and accessories. And last but not least, the online social entertainment portal allows you to display your creative side by letting you take interesting snapshots, build something new and even create machinima videos.

3 – IMVU


Here’s another free game like Sims that enables you to hop online and take complete advantage of all the virtual goodies lined up here. IMVU made its presence felt on the scene around a decade ago. Since then, there have been tons of 3D avatars created by players just like yourself. Now once you’re in, you can get into conversations with other individuals via 3D chat rooms.

This virtual space is yours to customize. You can decorate and furnish the same with unique items, hold a party for all your buddies and even belt out your favorite tunes. Different sorts of products can be acquired via the large goods catalog. This includes more than 6 million items like 3D products and 2D stickers.

4 – SocioTown


As per the brains behind this entrant in our free games like Sims array, you won’t need to dabble in any sort of downloads as the virtual treat can be enjoyed directly through your browser. Here you’re called on to climb the social ladder by taking up different jobs and even giving your dwelling place an overhaul. You can level up by completing a variety of tasks like bug catching, missions, and fishing and in turn, earn experience points.

And as you might have expected, you can chat up with several players from around the world and roam around 3D environments. Now if you want to experience all the fun even while away from your PC, you can download the Android application called Uninvited Guests which happens to fall under the adventure / RPG genre, according to developers, Outside The Box Software.

5 – Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers

The final contender in our free games like Sims roundup is another game from the house of the Last Day of Work. However this time around, you won’t be in a secure society but instead stranded on the island of Isola. Here you’ll have to look after a tribe of little individuals and teach them how to survive the harsh environments they’re put in.

You must pay attention to all their needs like food, housing, and technological requirements are fulfilled. You’ll also have to cure illnesses and diseases that threaten the inhabitants. Furthermore, you’ll be bombarded with loads of customizable villagers and can even uncover mysteries as the events progress. Both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store boast of incorporating a handful of these iterations. Go check them all out.


We had earlier listed out half a dozen games similar to Sims. However, most of them came attached with a price tag. This time around, we’ve decided to unfurl a bunch of free games like Sims that you can procure without even having to pull out your wallet or break your piggy bank. The Sims alternatives can all be enjoyed via the internet or even while on the go through your Android and iOS-powered portable devices. So which options are you simply itching to grab hold of first?

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