7 Flash Player Alternatives

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Want a suitable Flash player alternative to enjoy all your favorite content? Well, if you’re nodding with enthusiasm at this call, you can read through our comprehensive list that comprises of names fashioned for your PC as well as portable devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Once these following options are in place, you’ll be able to view videos and listen to audio bits without facing any hassles. What’s more, you can even take a bite out of rich multimedia applications, beautiful graphics and tons of games through your desired PC or device.

1 – Skyfire Web Browser:

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This delicious option is extended to iPhone and iPad users who simply can’t wait to enjoy multimedia content via their handy gadgets. With this one fitted into your iDevice, you’ll be able to seamlessly browse through video websites that support the Adobe format. This means you can soak up everything from breaking news and live sports to full-length comedy shows and other similar programs while on the go.

According to the brains behind this endeavor, the application supports over 200,000 websites. However, this particular program is only compatible with video sites and does not play well with games, apps and website animations that rely on the service in question. The iPhone and iPad versions can be downloaded from iTunes for just under $3 and $5, respectively.

2 – Lightspark:

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If you’re searching for a free solution then you should definitely give this entrant in our iOS apps like Flash player roster a try. It’s noted to be an LGPLv3 open-source SWF multimedia service and browser plugin written in C++/C. As the developer claims, ‘it aims to support Adobe’s newer formats and AVM2 virtual machine.’

And if you happen to be an entertainment enthusiast who relies highly on YouTube videos for your daily dose of fun, you’ll be pleased to know that Lightspark supports sites like this one as well as BBC News, SVT Play, Video lectures, Soundcloud, Panoramio Look Around and CNN News. You can get your hands on this gem via the product’s official website.

3 – Puffin Web Browser:

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Here’s an application that helps you relish a wide range of fun content directly via your iOS and Android-powered gadgets. Emerging from the house of CloudMosa, this option allows you to not only enjoy videos, but also play games and take complete advantage of content that relies on this format.

To further enhance your mobile entertainment experience, you can also watch videos in full-screen mode if the website supports the same. You can acquire this application from Google Play and iTunes by shelling out just under $3. There’s also a free version for both systems.

4 – Cloud Browse:

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The fourth inclusion in our programs similar to Flash player array lets all your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users view this sort of content as well as Java applications on the internet via your portable device. The service further extends its reach to videos, games and other such media bits that normally won’t run on iOS DEVICES.

This handy solution is available in a trio of service levels namely, basic, unlimited and premium. While the former provides only 10 minutes of browsing, the latter two can be acquired via monthly subscriptions and proffer fast streaming, no ads and unlimited browsing time. To procure this software, you’ll have to part ways with just under a dollar.

5 – GNU Gnash:

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After revealing a few mobile solutions, here’s one that aims to satisfy GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows PC owners. It’s looked upon as a free and open-source gem and is based on the GameSWF project. As per the developer, the program supports most SWF v7 attributes as well as a few SWF v8 and v9, however SWF v10 is not supported by it.

Announced in 2005, this delight has the ability to play different sorts of content including YouTube videos. The latest v0.8.10 can be downloaded via its official website.

6 – Photon:

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Through this contender in our roundup, you’ll be able to browse websites, stream music, read the news, use applications and watch video content that complies with the format featured here. You can even stay engrossed for hours on end playing games like the ones found on Facebook. What’s more, there’s a ‘Lightening’ icon located on the bottom right navigation bar which can be exploited whenever the need arises.

And when you want to conduct native browsing, all you have to do is hit the ‘Web Globe’ button. While the iPhone and iPad versions are priced at just under $4 and $5, respectively, the edition available on the Google Play store is available absolutely free of cost.

7 – Splashtop:

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Our final option extends its services to Android as well as iOS devices. Splashtop enables you to sit back and enjoy all sorts of videos, DVDs and media bits. Furthermore, you can even indulge in 3D games as well as other titles like CityVille and FarmVille that comply with Java or the format in question. You can pick up the Android version for free, while the iPad and iPhone apps are priced at $4.99 and $0.99, respectively.


So you were looking for a Flash player alternative that will suit your every entertainment need. Well, you’ve surely been able to zero in on your desired one by scanning through our list. The aforesaid collection has some great options for the PC as well as Android devices in case you’re looking for a replacement. It also features a few great solutions for iOS devices as they foray onto the scene minus this capability. Which one is it going to be? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the box right here.

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