7 Games Like Limbo

Games Like Limbo

Want to play games like Limbo via your console or PC? Well, if you’re nodding in the affirmative, it means you’re all set to dabble in gems that are drenched completely in the puzzle-platformer genre. Developed by Playdead, the title in question arrived for various platforms such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC nearly 3 years ago. Here you’re called upon to guide a lone little boy across a very dangerous terrain as he goes in search of his sister. The path you tread on is packed to the hilt with puzzles and lethal traps. Now if you’ve managed to complete this one and are searching for similar challenges, glance through our list and avail of all the choices that are lined up right here.

1 – NightSky:


Noted to be an ambient action-puzzler, this title boasts of incorporating various cerebral challenges that are slapped against unique sceneries. Now instead of maneuvering a small boy, you have to safely guide a black orb across charming worlds that are split into a host of different areas. The 2D platformer further claims to include multiple difficulties with unique topography as well as 11 expansive levels to roll about in.

You’ll also get to employ various vehicles that come complete their own individual attributes. And adding to the beautiful visuals is an original soundtrack by Chris Schlarb, an experimental jazz musician. There are even plenty of unlockables and secrets to uncover right here.

2 – Braid:


Interesting backdrops and tastefully created environmental styles are just some of the features that attract the audience. Well, the next entrant in our games similar to Limbo roster doesn’t disappoint on that front. It shows off its aesthetic brilliance with ‘painterly’ backgrounds and artistic graphics. Here, you get to manipulate the flow of time and solve a variety of puzzles while embarking on a journey to save a kidnapped princess.

This 2D platfomer allows you to rewind time and create parallel universes. What’s interesting is that you can never lose or die, according to the brains behind this endeavor. The title is available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

3 – Saira:


Employing non-linear gameplay elements, this title transports you to an exceptional universe where you can freely roam across its vast expanses. According to the developer, the gem takes inspiration from classic puzzle adventure delights. Here you must guide the protagonist Saira through more than 60 brain-teasing puzzles that are spread over seven star systems.

She is the last person existing in the entire galaxy and must use only her mind in order to successfully conquer the various levels strewn across the beautiful plane. There are even half a dozen unique endings thrown into the amalgamation.

4 – Fez:


Developed by Polytron Corporation and published by Microsoft Studios, this inclusion in our Limbo alternatives array is another puzzle-platformer that employs some pretty clever challenges. Released just last year across the XBLA, this interesting title throws the spotlight on a 2D creature called Gomez.

Follow his enthralling escapades as he explores a 3D world looking to collect the fragments of the mysterious artifact known as the Hexahedron. You’ll be bombarded with a rich open-ended world that holds many secrets and hidden treasures besides a ton of puzzles.

5 – And Yet It Moves:

And Yet It Moves

After espying backdrops that have been painted with shady as well as colorful hues, this interesting title incorporates a unique world that’s created out of mere shreds of paper. The collage of sorts serves as your base where you can run and jump upon. You’ll even be able to rotate the universe according to the situation at hand.

What’s more, your escapades and time will be recorded in the form of a ‘ghost’ which can be submitted to the global online scoreboards. Compete with others and even check out just what the quickest route might be. There are 17 levels strewn across a trio of environments that are laden with awesome graphics and foot-tapping music.

6 – Trine 2:

Trine 2

Here you’ll be pulled into a fantastic fairytale world that’s filled with plenty of physics-based puzzles involving water, fire, magic and gravity. The maker also infuses an unlimited character mode for additional replay value as well as hidden collectibles, stunning graphics and tons of unlockable achievements. You can step into the shoes of any one among the trio of heroes, learn new skills and even upgrade your onscreen character.

The title began to make its way across the terrain in December 2011 and can be procured for various platforms like the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. And while the other games similar to Limbo listed here were all single-player titles, this contender can be taken complete advantage of by up to 3 pals either online or locally.

7 – A Boy And His Blob:

A Boy And His Blob

We conclude our collection with a mention that features a young lad and his blob friend. As the storyline goes, an evil emperor has been terrorizing Blobolonia and it’s up to the blob to find someone on earth who can help defeat this menace. Coming to the rescue is a boy who takes up the challenge with gusto. Relive the classic via 40 fun levels on your Wii system.

The blob has the ability to transform into 15 useful objects when you feed him jelly beans. Some of the baddies you’ll be up against include the Quadruped Beast, the Serpent and the Blobolonian Emperor.


There were several reasons why this title in question garnered plenty of attention. For one, it simply screams cinematic brilliance as it comprises of eerie environments, black-and-white tones and ambient sounds. All these ingredients coupled with mind-boggling puzzles and scary booby traps gained this title its ‘popular’ status. However, there are other games like Limbo that are equally interesting in their own unique way. So why not give them all a try and let us know what you think.