6 SharePoint Alternatives

SharePoint alternatives mentioned below are just some of the multiple options you have in case you are done with the program in question and are willing to switch to another one.Microsoft’s contender is a collaborative tool that allows you to share ideas, project work, documents and more with your colleagues and helps you stay organized at all times. One of the biggest advantages of the service is its intranet portal that offers a great way of pooling resources, making it easier for everyone in the workplace to stay informed and in the loop. But there are some efficient software that can give the aforementioned application a run for its money. And you can expect them to tag along pretty much all of these features and a horde of others. Keep reading to know more about them.

1 – Huddle:

If you are looking for an easy to use collaboration tool, then Huddle is the software that seems to fit the bill. It has been designed with non-technical users in mind and boasts of cloud collaboration which is not limited to file sharing. It can be used for working together, offering feedback, exchanging ideas, giving your opinions and view points and more. Some other attributes like file management, whiteboards, discussion boards and more have also been thrown into the mix.


It doubles up as the corporate intranet portal and even has internal storage for making it easier for all employees to access documents without any hassle.

2 – Alfresco:

In case you need a multitasking software that can be used for various purposes and on various gadgets, then the next option on our roster of apps like SharePoint will compel you to sit up and take notice of it. Alfresco describes itself as an enterprise content platform, complete with cloud support and is capable of working around an organization’s firewall.


Apart from saving your content on the cloud, you can also share it with all of your colleagues via a simple click of your mouse. And as the service has some much needed social tools, it will help all the team members or employees to be in the know of what’s going on. It is highly mobile and can also be accessed via a tablet while on the run.

3 – Samepage:

Samepage that was previously known as Kiero Workspace, ensures that you have updated documents at your disposal on the cloud, even if your team members and colleagues have edited them multiple times. Unlike cloud services which only allow you to share files, this utility believes in telling the entire background story of those files. So you can add in your goals, expectations, calendar or to-do lists to make it more clear to your colleagues.


And if that’s not enough, all the members can chat right there with each other and the entire conversation is available for everyone to read. You just have to forward a link to share the required folders and in case you think something needs editing, work on it right there and hit save so the document gets updated for everyone.

4 – Liferay Social Office:

Another social collaboration solution that has made it to this roundup of programs similar to SharePoint is Liferay Social Office, a tool that lets you save time and streamlines communication amongst a number of other things. It is a content-based collaborative utility that has been loaded with some social networking features and allows you to create a simple site with all the functions that you require.

Liferay Social Office

A dashboard has been provided for better organization and the contacts section keeps all the details about the team members. Add to it, a team calendar and none of your colleagues will ever fall behind schedule with their projects and assignments. Also, it helps you keep in touch with everyone, thanks to features like notification centers, activity streams, private messaging, instant messaging, micro-blogging and so much more.

5 – HyperOffice:

Whether you require an intranet software, a hosted email solution or a project and document management tool, you won’t have to look for any other program if you opt for HyperOffice. Apart from these, its list of features include mobile and social collaboration, so you can keep a track of your colleague’s progress and chat with them on the run.


It permits you to access files saved on the cloud via desktops or handheld gadgets so you have the freedom to edit them whenever you want. Without having to deal with complicated software and installation procedures, you can make the most of the features that have been thrown into this utility.

6 – Igloo:

And here we have Igloo that has all the attributes to qualify to get a mention on our catalog featuring apps like SharePoint. The modern intranet offers the essential functions on a budget and just like all the other options on this list, it acts as a medium of sharing files with your colleagues over the cloud. And forwarding links is made all the more easy with the inclusion of a micro-blogging utility or you can switch to the discussion forums that let you brainstorm and chat with each other.


Also, there is a Project tab wherein you can update the calendar with tasks, schedules and other important details to keep everyone on the same page. Its blogging feature seems like a great way to inform colleagues about important things.


So these were some of the several SharePoint alternatives that are currently flocking the internet. You can think about switching to one of these utilities and you are not likely to be disappointed after taking such a decision. Do tell us if you are willing to take a chance or you’d rather stick to the Microsoft program. And if you have found another utility that’s just as good as these, feel free to let us know about it.