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6 Games Similar To Sims

Games Similar To Sims

Why games similar to Sims? Well, simulation games have garnered a lot of attention from casual as well as hardcore players over the past few years. And although The Sims series has always been at the forefront of this particular genre, there are still other games out there that incorporate similar features and gameplay. They are infused with various addictive elements such as character, avatar and city developments as well as loads of sociocentric features. Basically, what you may not be able to accomplish in real life, can be successfully achieved through the virtual world. So throw a glance at our picks which expand across the online, PC and console terrains.

1 – Second Life:

Second Life

Second Life seems to be the most popular alternative to The Sims series. This online virtual world launched nearly a decade ago and has gathered quite a fan following since then. In-game residents get to interact with each other through their special avatars and can even attend educational lectures, concerts, and screenings. Those looking for a touch of culture can explore museums, galleries, art exhibitions and book clubs. Furthermore, the business world allows you to train interns and hold meetings at your own convenience.

And the phrase, ‘the sky’s the limit,’ isn’t applicable here as the game enables you to soar through fictional regions and landscapes plucked from all across the globe. You can find yourself trudging across a vast cyberpunk future or even strolling on the cobbled paths of a Victorian garden. The different modes of transportation are fueled not by petrol or diesel but by your very own imagination. This may include sailing a pirate ship, cruising around on a flying carpet and riding atop a dinosaur.

2 – Animal Crossing:

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is next in our list of games like Sims. Developed and published by Nintendo, this social simulation series comprises of 3 games namely the original Animal Crossing, Wild World for Nintendo DS and City Folk for Wii. In Wild World, you’ll find yourself residing in a remote village which is inhabited by animals who exhibit human characteristics. Cultivate fields, make new friends, own a house and even celebrate special events all year long.

Besides furnishing your dwelling place with totem poles and giant teddy bears, you’ll also be able to adorn fashionable threads that range from t-shirts to togas. You can even tap into your creative side by employing the user-friendly design tools and multiple palettes. In City Folk, you’ll be treated to a new neighborhood, house and friends ad well as receiving a Mii makeover.

3 – Virtual Families:

Virtual Families

Virtual Families allows you to adopt and take care of a virtual people and encourage them at every point in their life. From choosing a career to finding a suitable life partner, you can help them start and raise a family from scratch. And like any other ordinary family, they will be able to take part in various leisure activities together and strive to improve their home and lifestyle along the way.

There are also random events to attend to as well as mini-puzzles to solve. You can shape the personality of each character through scolding or praise. With the inclusion of a dynamic illness system, get ready to play doctor to the family members when they are struck with any sort of disease or infection. More than 100 trophies are up for grabs in this game which utilizes real-time gameplay elements.

4 – RollerCoaster Tycoon 3:

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Ever wanted to create your very own amusement park? Well, you can now accomplish the same on the virtual plain through RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Watch as the in-game public indulge in fun and frolic at your latest endeavor. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 includes stunning 3D graphics as well as a new Coaster Cam for feeling the adrenaline rush when you experience the thrill of your very own rides. You can also view your success from a street-level or blimp thanks to the inclusion of the comprehensive camera control feature. While creating your dream park, you’ll have to take into consideration the preferences of children, teenagers and adults alike. This construction and management simulation game featured in our Sims alternatives roster incorporates other attributes such as new rides and attractions, Fireworks MixMaster and Sandbox mode. Animated individuals and crowds as well as 5 fun themes like Spooky, Sci-Fi, Generic, Adventure and Western are also added to the amalgamation.

5 – The Movies:

The Movies

The Movies game allows you to ‘call the shots in Tinseltown.’ You can achieve stardom and strut your stuff on the red carpet by stepping into the shoes of a movie mogul, scriptwriter, film director or talent spotter. Live the Hollywood dream and create a string of box office hits. You can even take random in-game people and turn them into the hottest stars on the block. And when they become too old to take on a romantic lead, you can always send them to plastic surgeons and fat farms. From epic games to low budget films, you will be able to fashion and edit different types of movies and even upload them for others to enjoy. It’s up to you to manage your newfound fame and fortune in the unpredictable world of show business.

6 – SocioTown:


The massive multiplayer 3D virtual game world known as SocioTown waltzes into our games like Sims array, bringing along a host of exciting online features. Social butterflies will appreciate the intuitive interaction system which enables you to make friends with only those who you interact with most during the game. You can rake in experience points and even level-up as you climb the social ladder to explore new heights.

Engage in various job opportunities and even refurbish your house. There are also loads of other activities waiting for you on the virtual terrain. These include bug catching, fishing, missions and much more. The game is web-based and hence can be played directly through your browser. You needn’t dabble in any extra downloads for this one.

Have we missed any of your favorites while covering games similar to Sims? Do let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.