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Altec Lansing BackBeat 106 Review

Altec Lansing BackBeat 106

Altec Lansing is quite popular for its revolutionary music devices. The manufacturer certainly knows how to keep users entertained at home, in office or on the go. A few days back, we managed to lay our hands on the Altec Lansing Backbeat 106 earphones specifically fabricated for the iPhone, iPod and other MP3 players. So here’s a comprehensive review of the earphones.

We think the earphones are quite an addition to the BackBeat series of headphones as they pretty much keep in line with the BackBeat earphone family. The earphones should be a great accessory for users who are all for great audio quality. Offering superior listening while on-the-go, the 106 earphones boast of Snug-Fit in-ear headphones.

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Adding to the comfort factor, the Altec Lansing BackBeat 106 headphones are made from flexible materials and pretty much allow noise isolation. With quality micro speakers, the earphones offer a custom fit and reduce the background noise. They offer compatibility to the iPhone, iPod, PCs, laptops and MP3 players. The BackBeat 106 also sports a tangle-free cloth cable which enhances its usability.

Highlights of the earphone include gold-plated 3.5 mm input connector, 10 mm speaker, a frequency response ranging between 40Hz and 17KHz. With an input sensitivity of around 103dB SOL/mW @ 1KHz, the earphones offer noise isolation for up to 16dB of sound. The speakers of the earphones are dressed in gold metallic plating with a rubber encasing. They blend in together to give the earphones a stylish look. The earphones are also accessorized with silicone ear tips that come in small, medium and large size options.

BackBeat 106

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High Points:

We think the highlight of the earphones is its chic design. The gold and black colors on the speakers give the earphones a pretty stylish and unique look.

The earphones are comfortable to wear provided you have the right silicone ear tip. They indeed offer a snug-fit.

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Another stand-out feature of the earphones is the inclusion of the cloth cable cord. The cable is quite distinct and ensures the earphones are not entangled.

The noise isolation feature of the earphones is worth mentioning. The earphones are ideal for audiophiles who love getting lost in the world of music.

The earphones definitely get thumbs up for audio quality. They offer rich and detailed sound reproduction which keeps the listener completely involved.

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Low Points:

The feature that we missed the most in the earphones was the integration of wireless connectivity.

Another negative aspect of the earphones is that on being shaken, the frequency of the music starts fluctuating. It could be quite annoying when traveling in crowded places.

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Also, the earphones are a little uncomfortable if worn for too long. On continuous usage, they tend to hurt at the back of the ear as they are inserted quite deep in the ear.

We think the earphones are pretty neat in terms of music quality. It should keep music enthusiasts engaged with its high-quality sound reproduction. From our end we’d give the earphones 7 out of 10.

Our Shout

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Users who are completely crazy about noise isolation will definitely be excited to grab the Altec Lansing BackBeat 106 earphones. The earphones are approximately priced at $29.95.