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Airtel now lets you add prepaid data to your corporate postpaid plan

Airtel Prepaid on Postpaid

Office goers using a company-mandated Airtel postpaid plan will now be able to browse the internet to their heart’s content through the service provider’s new Prepaid on Postpaid scheme. The unique system allows corporate customers to top up data without having it reflected in the final bill.

Businesses usually restrict or eliminate online activity in an employee’s mobile plan. This forces people to either use two separate phones or get an additional SIM card for personal use. Airtel’s Prepaid on Postpaid system could potentially let them use just one phone for their needs.

The introduction of the initiative comes at a time when data consumption is rising and becoming one of the highest sources of revenues for telecom operators in India. Subscribers who sign up for the Prepaid on Postpaid plan can recharge their data as many times as they want, with tariffs starting at Rs 99 for 3G and 4G packs.

According to PTI, Airtel has begun sending out texts to postpaid customers informing them about the new scheme. Srinivasan Gopalan, Airtel’s Director of Consumer Business, claims the company has received an extremely positive response to it. Moving on to other Airtel-related news, the provider recently launched its 4G+ or LTE-Advanced platform in India.

Airtel boasts of being the first to commercially deploy 4G+ in the country. It’s chosen to debut it in Kerala in partnership with Nokia’s carrier aggregation technology which combines the 2300MHz and 1800MHz bands. The setup supposedly allows speeds of up to 135Mbps in the state.

LTE-Advanced is part of Airtel’s Project Leap program to improve its infrastructure and service quality. The brand is planning to sink Rs 60000 crore into it over a period of 3 years in order to achieve its goals.