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Airtel, Indiagames Launch Online Games In India for just Rs 199 a Month

Indiagames and Airtel logo Mumbai-based gaming company Indiagames, has come up with ‘Games-On-Demand,’ a gaming channel for the broadband customers of Airtel. It’s a suit of games which subscribers can download and play unlimited number of times for Rs 199 a month.

‘Games-On-Demand’ was launched in Delhi on Thursday 13th July, by renowned Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who is also the brand ambassador of Airtel.

At present the suit has 50 games which will shoot upto 300 in a few months’ time. The suit will have games from all prominent game developers in the world such as Microsoft and Atari – and has titles like Age of Empires, Star Fury, Driv3R and Flight Simulator.

Vishal Gondal, CEO Indiagames Ltd., said, “The Games on Demand service is going to revolutionize the gaming industry in India. With over 85 per cent of games in India being sold illegally, we believe that with our unparalleled price offering we will significantly expand the segment of legitimate sales and bring the experience of high quality online gaming to millions of gamers in India.” He further added that “Our online gaming service would give consumers a legitimate reason to opt for a broadband service, thus accelerating the growth of the broadband user base in India.”

Today, mobile phone service customers are looking for rich content to enhance the overall broadband experience. As a leading service provider, we aim to offer the hottest on-demand content through as many channels as possible,” said Akshay Kumar, chief marketing officer, Airtel Broadband and Telephone Services. He continued, “Online gaming is fast gaining popularity across the world and with the Games on Demand service on Airtel, we are gearing up to give our customers a cool and enhanced gaming experience with the power of a high-speed network.”

Available at a monthly subscription fee of just Rs 199, the G.o.D. service offers advantages like high speed downloads without additionally charging for data transfer during download, multiplayer compatible games, automatic patching and security.

As of now, the service is available only on Airtel. However, Indiagames has plans to sign deals with other operators as well. Currently, there are 1.5 million broadband users India, which is expected to touch 20 million in the next five years or so. Gondal wants to penetrate into at least 10 per cent of this based.