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AirPods 2 coming soon, images leak

AirPods 2 Case Leak
Image Credit: Mr. White

The AirPods 2 showed up at a Bluetooth certification site earlier this month, leading many to predict that a launch isn’t too far away. Now, two Twitter tipsters have offered their own insight into the wireless headphones.

First, frequent Samsung and occasional Apple leakster Ice Universe claims that Apple will definitely launch the AirPods 2 this year. There’s not much time left for the accessory to appear since 2018 is nearly over. It’s possible the company wants to time the release for the busy festive season in the US.

AirPods 2 Leak
Image Credit: Mr. White

The second tweet is by tipster Mr. White. He’s posted two images of the cases for the AirPods 2 and the devices themselves (see above). To be clear, he didn’t specifically say the photos depict the next-gen earphones. When asked what the prices will be, he said that they’re not available.

Is This The Real AirPods 2 Case?

This indicates that the cases are for the AirPods 2. There is a slight wrinkle in this leak though. Even under close scrutiny, it’s hard to find the indicator light that’s supposed to be on the revamped wireless charging cases. The original one didn’t have a light and wasn’t wireless, but the new one reportedly does have a light and is wireless.

A report even found an image of the wireless charging case within iOS 12’s code. There’s a chance that Apple will sell the cable-free case separately and bundle the AirPods 2 with an ordinary wired case. That’s sure to be a disappointment for consumers, but it makes business sense for the company.

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The original AirPods are still very popular among consumers. A new version might spark a surge in sales, both for the newer version and the older one (if it’s still around and cheaper). Apple naturally hasn’t offered any hints as to what’s to come, but rumors suggest special health tracking features and voice-activated Hey Siri support.