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AirDroid Review: Best ever file transfer and security app for Android

If you own an Android device and AirDroid is not one of the apps on it, just stop using smartphones or tablets with Google’s mobile OS already, okay? This is one Android security app that you can find on almost every other list of essential Android apps out there just because of the sheer number of awesome benefits it has on offer. We remember when we first started using it years ago and thought it was really cool. It has grown to be way better than before now, with a comprehensive array of features to make your life easy. AirDroid excels in wireless data transfers, remote access of your phone’s features and even finding or wiping your lost gadget. And as if that’s not enough, there are a ton of other benefits as well.


This Android app is a free download, although there are a few premium benefits which you need to pay for. But you can rest assured that you’ll be utterly satisfied with it even without spending a buck. Once it’s on your handset or tablet, you can connect it to your PC and access almost all of your device’s functions on the computer, without any need for those annoying cables. Data transfers, app installs, sending messages, placing phone calls and a lot more is made possible by AirDroid without even asking you to touch your Android device.

You don’t need to make an account if your PC and your Android gadget are connected to the same network, but an account is needed if it’s the opposite of that. With the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you need to just follow some simple instructions to get things going. Now here’s where the magic starts. In your browser tab, you will be greeted with a neat customizable desktop of sorts, riddled with icons and details about your connected device.

AirDroid Screenshot 1

One of the most important tasks you can use this app for is file transfers from the PC. So the next time you happen to download some interesting sound clip and wish to make it your ringtone, you can just ignore the tardy process of searching for your USB cable, connecting it to your PC and what not. Just clicking on the Files icon from the AirDroid browser window will throw open a full-fledged file manager on your desktop. You can access data from your phone memory as well as your microSD card and make transfers as you wish. The Drag and Drop support for this process is the cherry on the cake.

Photo and video viewing is also taken care of by two different icons on the AirDroid desktop. There’s even an icon that lets you play music from your mobile device on your computer minus wires. This is exactly the kind of stuff we were referring to when we used the word, ‘cool.’ And then there’s even a Camera button which triggers your phone’s or tablet’s snapper and beams the visuals right to your PC. And did we mention you can view and reply to SMS messages right from your computer as well? But there’s no third-party support for this addition, which means your WhatsApp chats or messages from any other such apps will be inaccessible to you.

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Standing alongside AirDroid in the list of the most loved Android apps of all time is Pushbullet. If you’ve used the latter and adore it dearly, you’ll be pleased to know that somewhat similar features are also on offer through AirDroid. Your notifications can be mirrored on your PCs, albeit in a limited way. Most importantly, you can push content from your computers to your phones or tablets in a jiffy. So let’s say you’ve found a hilarious joke somewhere on the Internet and want to share it with your WhatsApp group. You just copy that text and pin it to the clipboard section to have it ready to be pasted wherever you like. In the same section, if you paste a URL, that link opens up on your device’s browser in no time. And you can easily push files from your PC to your smart gadget as well; all without the unneeded clutter of those pesky cables.

If you end up somehow losing your phone or tablet, AirDroid can help you recover it. Once logged in, it gives you the precise location of your device so you can go and find it. In case that’s not enough for you, it can even take photos of the thief through your phone’s front camera and send them over to you. This is a premium feature however, which needs to be paid for. And suppose your phone hasn’t been stolen and has just been misplaced, the good Samaritan who wants to return it to you can be given an alternate number which will flash on the device’s screen so they can call you on that. In the unfortunate situation of you realizing that you’ll never get your device back, you can erase all your data right from your desktop.

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You see, that’s how comprehensive AirDroid is. It’s an security app that combines the features of many others into one package and doesn’t even ask for payments in order to use its most useful attributes. Head over to it on Google Play Store and give it a try.