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This crazy airbag case unleashes springs when you drop your iPhone

ADcase iPhone

There are plenty of rugged iPhone cases out there promising to keep your handset safe with bumpers and what not, but there’s always a limit to how well they can protect your device. Here to blow these covers out of the water is a new case which unleashes 4 springs to protect your smartphone when it’s falling.

It sounds crazy at first, not to mention the design which makes the iPhone look like it sprung 4 legs. The concept is pretty unique, but the video below demonstrates that it could actually work. Basically, the case uses tiny sensors inside to detect when the phone is falling and pops out 4 flexible arms on each corner to save it from cracking.

Once the iPhone hits the ground, the tentacles absorb the impact and bounces around for a bit before settling to a stop. The handset should be safe and sound above the ground. The best part is that it doesn’t matter which angle the device was dropped from since the springs should protect it on all sides.

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A German engineering student named Philip Frenzel came up with the case as part of his thesis project. He’s been working on the product for over 4 years now. He told German publication Südwestrundfunk that he dreamed up the idea after breaking the display on more than one of his smartphones.

ADcase Availabilty and Price

It’s being called an airbag for smartphones, which makes sense since it works just like an airbag does in a car accident. Frenzel’s taking his creation to Kickstarter soon and has already set up a website for it. He’s named it the Active Damping Case or ADcase.

Other than its bendy legs, the ADcase also includes a battery pack and wireless charging support. No price details have been revealed yet. It’ll be compatible with all iPhones starting with the iPhone 6 and up.