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Air conditioned Seat supports the eco-friendly move

Air conditioned seat

Kuchofuku from Japan is famous for coming up with innovative air conditioned clothing and now they introduce Air conditioned seats which will cool your backside while you are driving, working or enjoying your soccer game at home.

The air-conditioner cushion ensures that it does not heat up the environment with its optimal use of energy, thus supporting the eco-friendly move. The device is smart to judge the body temperature and cools according to the ideal requirement. The device uses a fan at the end of the cushioning which will hang out of the chair and this fan will feed cool air to the cushions. The little fan has the capability to feed over 170 liters of air per minute, which is migrated to the cushion thus cooling the sweat that accumulates on the backside.

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The air-conditioner is mobile enough to carry around easily. At a weight of just 261 grams, it can be easily rolled and taken to work and can cool you down during your summer vacations. The price of the device has not been mentioned but it promises to save on energy to that extent that it is estimated that if used everyday for 8 hours a day, the monthly electricity bill for this product will be only 5 yen.

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