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AI-infused Google Play Music now recommends songs based on you activities

Google Play Music

Google’s completely revamped its Play Music from the bottom to the top, tearing out the previous UI and replacing it with one which it hopes is easier to use and more assistive. The streaming service has gone the way of its other new products, taking advantage of machine learning to simplify your music-related activities.

Google says the new-and-improved Play Music supplies recommendations based on its in-depth contextual understanding of your activities. It promises to feature heavily personalized tunes based on a myriad of factors like location, activity, time of day, and even the weather.

This effectively means Play Music will be able to analyze where you are or where you’re going and suggest hand-picked playlists accordingly. For instance, going to the gym will prompt a workout set, flying on a plane kicks up a selection to make sure you’re stress-free, and sitting at work could start up chill indie beats.

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Other than these personalized cards, Google will also present a host of choices like new releases and specific artists such as Lady Gaga. The company describes the new home screen as the ultimate personal DJ who listens to what songs you like, in addition to when and where you like it.

Google further promises the experience gets better over time the more you use Play Music and it understands you better, the cornerstone of any machine learning algorithm. Interestingly, it’s also added a useful new feature which makes sure there’s always an offline playlist ready based on the music you’ve checked out recently.

The offline tool is meant to act as a neat solution for situations where there’s no internet or connectivity is spotty. The upgraded Google Play Music is rolling out now all over the world and can be downloaded via the Play Store and App Store.