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‘AGA League 2007’ PC Gaming Competition announced by Asus India

Asus and AGA League 2007 logos Asus has announced the AGA League 2007, which will kick off in the 3rd week of April. It is basically a series of PC gaming competitions that will start in Mumbai and will proceed to various gaming cafes across 10 cities in India. Set off by Asus India, this event will be co-sponsored by the major chipset and graphics chip vendor Nvidia. All events will be executed by Live2own.net who will be the official gaming partners for the league.

However, this is not Asus’ first-ever in the gaming scene. In 2006, it held the World GameMaster Tournament, which met with awesome acclaim.

The Asus India AGA League 2007 will be held between April and October 2007 in all the top game cafes in the cities. Amateurs as well as pro gamers will compete for cash prizes ranging between Rs. 4000/- to 13000/- per competition. Two renowned games, Counter Strike – an FPS game and DoTa which is an upcoming strategy game are selected as official games for the league. The event schedule and participation details will be available, on the official AGA website www.asusgamers.com and also on the ASUS India website www.asus.in . This ten city event includes major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jalandhar, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin.

In each competition, gamers will get to score points for each match played. The scores will be updated after every competition in the scoreboard integrated in the AGA website. Teams will be ranked as per their scores listing the best team performed till date from each city.

According to Amit Jaokar, Technical Promotion Manager, ASUS India, “The AGA League 2007 isn’t merely about gaming and winning money, it’s about technology at its best. A professional gamer, if given the right technology knowledge can become a very successful hardware consultant in the future to suggest you the perfect PC configuration according to your requirements. At ASUS we believe in not just selling products, but educating people about the latest technology as well.”

“With the release of DX 10, gaming as a whole will be taken to a completely new level. It is therefore important for gamers to understand the technology benefits brought to the table by DX10 and NVIDIA SLI. The right hardware makes a big difference in their gaming experience and can often be the decider between winning and losing.” maintained Taher Kagzi, Distribution Sales Manager, NVIDIA India.

The Asus Gamers Association, more fondly known an AGA in the PC gaming community is the gaming arm of ASUS India. The main intention behind the Asus ‘AGA League 2007’ event is not merely to promote gaming as a respectable sport, but also to increase the awareness of today’s technology among enthusiast gamers.