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8 After Effects Alternatives

After Effects Alternatives

Creative souls looking for After Effects alternatives can check out our comprehensive list that’s packed with 8 software options. These delights are fashioned complete with all the necessary tools you would need for adding visual effects and motion graphics to your virtual canvas. It isn’t impossible to find Adobe Effects equivalents that cater to your every imaginative whim and fancy. We have scoured the terrain and found a handful that fit the bill.

1 – Apple Motion:

Apple Motion

As the developer of Apple Motion states, ‘make every effect special.’ And that’s precisely what you can expect with this particular software that’s fashioned for the Mac OS X. Video editors can take advantage of user-friendly motion graphics for forming spectacular transitions, titles and effects.

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You can even create your own eye-catching 2D or 3D animations with real-time feedback while you work on your project. Some of the other attributes include ColorSync, Shared Render Engine, a single-window interface, and Camera Framing behavior.

2 – Wondershare Video Editor:

Wondershare Video Editor

With the Wondershare Video Editor by your side, you’ll be able to weave together any sort of audio, video, and photo and turn them into stunning movies even Spielberg would be proud of. The video Editor that ‘lets anyone impress everyone’ offers you easy go-to features such as split, trim and crop as well as tools that help enhance your clips with picture-in-picture effects, transitions, and filters.

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Put your own spin on the action that’s being played out onscreen by controlling voice change effects and fast/slow motion. Once your done sculpting your masterpiece, you can share them with loved ones and even the public at large via YouTube, iPhone, Facebook, and Sony PSP.

3 – Blender:


The next inclusion in our software like After Effects roster is a free and open-sourced 3D computer graphics software dubbed Blender. This content creation suite can be acquired for various OS platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows XP, Linux, Windows Vista, FreeBSD and Windows 7.

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The intuitive interface employed here enables editors to alter, adapt and re-distribute the layout of all UI tools and components, making their task a complete breeze. And according to the maker, specialized add-ons let you create professional-grade rigs for all your desired characters. It also accommodates game engine rigid body physics.

4 – Eyeon Fusion:

Eyeon Fusion

Intrigued by the special effects used in movies like Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Green Lantern, Sucker Punch and Iron Man? Well, all these titles and others from the house of Hollywood encompass the creativity of Eyeon Fusion artists. Fusion is noted to be a full-featured, node-based compositing system.

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The software in question boasts of various attributes such as Stereoscopic system, color science, deep volumes, Rotoscoping, 3D systems, Primatte 5, OpenCL GPU Supercomputing, Python Scripting, and RED Camera Epic support.

5 – Wax:


Simply known as Wax, this flexible video compositing and special effects software allow you to create your masterpiece video sequences with ease. This entrant in our software similar to After Effects array has the ability to craft 2D and 3D special effects as well as work in 2 modes namely, as a standalone application and a plug-in. While the former caters to beginners and home users, the latter can be utilized by professional editors. A few of Wax’s other features include graphics acceleration, Plugin adapter technology, and full-featured project management.

6 – Jahshaka:


Jahshaka is looked upon as media management and playback, editing and effects application that also supports compositing. The software that was earlier christened CineFX is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The core Jahshaka features read as 2D and 3D playback and compositing as well as color correction, among others. What’s more, this open-source digital content creation platform employs the use of open libraries as the underlying technology.

7 – Nuke:


No need to be alarmed. The Nuke in question here is not a dangerous force but a node-based digital compositing software that’s developed and produced by The Foundry. And like Eyeon Fusion, this contender in our software like After Effects lineup has also been employed in various movies such as Tron: Legacy, King Kong, and Avatar, among others. It further comprises attributes such as multi-channel workflow, deep image compositing toolset, 3D workspace, and OpenColorIO. Nuke can be availed of by individuals involved in creating a high-quality film, commercial, animation and broadcast content.

8 – Avidemux:


The open-source video editing program Avidemux is great for simple filtering, cutting and encoding tasks. Furthermore, it has the ability to support a variety of file types such as DVD compatible MPEG files, AVI, ASF, and MP4.

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According to the developer, the user-friendly software option can be availed via Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and BSD. It even lets you apply visual effects to video and transcode videos into different formats.


We’ve seen stunning visual effects and awesome motion graphics being employed in mostly all blockbuster movies that emerge out of Hollywood. With the aforementioned 8 After Effects alternatives you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and produce great works of your own. The only limitation here is your imagination. So which ones aided you in all your artsy endeavors? Do let us know by dropping in a comment or two.