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We welcome various forms of advertisement and content marketing opportunities relevant to the content served on our website, such as sponsored blog posts, paid guest posts, sponsored reviews, sponsored stories, advertorials, various promotional content, sponsored interviews, and so on.

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If you are a company, a startup, a brand, an agency or even an individual looking to promote your product, service or website, then publishing sponsored blog posts are the best and most organic way to get people’s attention. It’s also a great way of building an online brand or getting people to invest in your product.

Sponsored blog postsSponsored blog posts are a smart way to lend credibility to your startup or brand new product too. Picture this – you’ve launched an impressive new device or software on a crowd-funded site. Now you need people to support its manufacture and launch. But no one’s talking about your product on other websites; so people are unsure about whether they want to buy it or not. Here’s where sponsored posts would help you out.

What are sponsored blog posts?

Sponsored posts are a form of native advertising where a publisher (website) displays advertorial content from the sponsor/advertiser to its readers in the way of an article with relevant content. This sponsored content is either written by the editors of the website or provided by the sponsor.

Sponsored posts are an alternative form of marketing that is seen to be far more successful in reaching the targeted audience as compared to other types of advertising. For example, a sponsored post about a smartphone on a tech website would be more effective in reaching the intended readers who come to that site for tech news, than ads about the phone placed on random websites.

What is a sponsored Review?

Companies approach influential bloggers or publishers to review their products for which they pay an agreed sum to the reviewer to review their product. This sponsored review is then published on the blogger’s or publisher’s website to be viewed by readers. There are certain stipulations to be followed when it comes to sponsored reviews since ethical publishers would not want to deceive their readers by posting a misleading review in exchange for sponsorship.

Why sponsor blog posts?

Advertisers have moved towards sponsored blog posts on popular blogs to promote their products because traditional display advertisements and banner marketing are just not working as they used to. Nowadays, readers are used to typically ignoring these banners while browsing a website.

There’s a term for it in digital advertising these days – it’s called ‘banner blindness.’ It refers to readers subconsciously ignoring banner ads, pop-up ads, videos and so on. Also, a lot of Internet users make use of ad blockers that prevent such advertisements from being displayed on their browser in the first place.

Good quality sponsored posts which are informative and on-topic are generally well received by readers as they naturally fit in with the website’s content. These sponsored posts are also not affected by ad blockers since they are featured among the articles published on the site in question. This helps in boosting the ROI of the advertiser.

What does a sponsored post look like?

Sponsorship includes a blog post (up to 2000 characters) with 1 or more images (700px wide) and/or a video (700px wide) and hyperlinks using a copy provided by the advertiser. We alternatively provide the copy, for an additional fee. Please note that we do not accept political posts. Neither do we accept opinion posts that might raise legal, ethical or religious issues.

While the advertiser can choose how they wish the sponsored post to be displayed, or suggest any alternatives they have in mind, there are four main ways in which sponsored posts are published on

1. The website/brand/individual sponsoring the post is credited in the body of the post.


2. They are marked as “Sponsored” in the title of the article.


3. They are marked as “Sponsored” in the Author credit line below the title.


4. A disclaimer proclaiming the article to be a sponsored post is published at the bottom of the sponsored content.

All our Sponsored posts are cross-posted to our social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. We also run sponsored content exclusively on our social media pages.

Why do we accept guest post or sponsored posts?

Apart from the additional income to support our site, Sponsored blog posts allow us to serve exclusive news content, features, promotions, offers and more to our readers. Since we have a vetting process to ensure we accept sponsored posts that are relevant to our readers, your content will be visible to an audience who is genuinely interested in it. We are also open to running contests, promotions or stories exclusively on our Facebook page which boasts of a fan base of 245,000 and counting.

In conclusion, Sponsored blog posts are a natural and proven method to gain more exposure by reaching out to our ever-growing number of readers interested in technology-related updates, insights and/or offers. We’re talking about a dedicated audience who also engages with us via our social media channels on a daily basis. Through sponsored posts, we can help you get the attention of end-users to drive downloads, signups, sales and more.

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