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Adulting 101: The five apps you really need

As an adult, sometimes it seems there just isn’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Juggling workloads, a social life, gym commitments and every day activities, it can be stressful. It can feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends – thankfully, there are some apps available to help you save time and minimise stress.

  1. Hive

Finishing work and getting home to a toasty house is most people’s dream on cold, wintry nights – but when you forget to set the timer on your boiler, the reality makes you want to kick yourself when the cold hits you. By investing in Hive Active Heating, you can control your heating system on the move.

For the app to work, it requires a wireless thermostat, hub and receiver. With those in place, you can switch your heating on and off whenever you need it. Controlling your heating remotely allows you to enjoy money and energy savings across the year. And even better, you can plan ahead and use the app to switch your heating on before you leave work – you can travel home knowing you will be greeted by a warm toasty home.

  1. Evernote Scannable

Do you find yourself misplacing documents? Or struggling to keep them organised? Evernote Scannable could be the answer to your problems. It’s an app that helps organise all your important documents simply at the click of your smartphone camera. By scanning your documents onto your smartphone, the app creates a digital bank of information that you have to hand at any time.

Receipts, business cards or contracts – the app will organise them all. Additionally, it will automatically turn a business card into a contact for you, retrieving additional information, such as LinkedIn profiles. Now that’s a smarter way to manage your contacts.

  1. Out of Milk

The grocery shop never seems to be as simple as it could be. If you live with someone else, it can be tough to organise the shopping so that you don’t end up with enough eggs to last you a whole month. Out of Milk puts an end to your food shopping mishaps.

Providing a mutual platform for members of the household, the app that’s available on Android smartphones allows users to make shopping lists and share with others. Shopping lists can be updated at any time, alerting others if you have added groceries to the list, or if you have bought something from list. Updating almost instantly, the app means you’ll never end up with eight pints of milk again.

  1. True Potential Investor

Most of us like to put money aside for a rainy day, but it can be difficult when you have other payment commitments that need to take priority. The True Potential Investor app provides a platform for you to effectively manage your investments better.

The self-directed investment service allows you to set a goal, work out how much you’ll need to put away to achieve it and invest your cash direct from the app. You can select from a range of investment portfolios with differing levels of risk to help you meet your goal*.

*With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change at any time.

  1. Seven Minute Workout

It can be difficult to juggle work and gym commitments. Your gym membership could be costing you a fortune, but how often do you have time to go? The 7 Minute Workout app provides high intensity training programmes that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

As the name suggests, each workout is seven minutes long – so if you struggle to squeeze an hour in at the gym, this app could be perfect for providing you with a quick workout fix. There are 12 exercises to complete in 30-second intervals with 10 second breaks.