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Adobe Premiere Clip brings video editing tools to Android

After having released the Premiere Clip video editing app for iOS around a year ago, Adobe has finally brought it to Android. Available for free download via the Google Play store, this utility comes equipped with all the basic functions which its iOS counterpart boasts of.

One of the topmost features of Adobe Premiere Clip is named Automatic Video Creation, and it works exactly as it sounds. This trait allows you to select a soundtrack and the overall pace of your video, and automatically creates a montage out of them.

But that does not mean that there aren’t any manual editing options available. Clip lets you easily drag and drop videos and photos in the order that you like. There’s also the option of trimming them and making adjustments to the lighting. You can moreover also insert transitions and slow motion effects.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Its makers have infused the app with a variety of stock music tracks, while they have even provided you with the facility to add your own. Being an Adobe product, it features heavy integration with the company’s other apps. It can grab the various visual looks you’ve created in Adobe Capture, while also letting you sync your projects to the desktop version of Premiere Pro.

The Photoshop makers have been focusing on this type of integration ever since the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud. Although controversial, this cloud-based sales approach provides you with the convenience of picking up your work on any device around you.

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Adobe Premiere Clip can be downloaded now on Android devices via the Google Play store. Notably, it is for some reason not compatible with the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X, among other devices. Tell us in the comments section if it’s compatible with yours.