Adobe Lightroom has gone mobile, develop your images through your iPads now

Adobe Lightroom has since long been a software photographers these days can’t imagine living without. Apart from managing your RAW files it also provides superb tools to develop your images into their final form. This is why the entry of this software onto the mobile platform is being seen as a huge boon for all the professionals out there.

Lightroom mobile is out now as a free download, but you’ll need a Creative Cloud subscription in order to use it fully. Once you have the membership, the app is able to sync your data with the desktop version of the software. So when you edit a photograph on your iPad, all the changes you make to it will be transferred onto your synced desktop version in real-time.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom for iPad can take RAW images as well as clicks from your smartphones. Presets, filters and all the many powerful tools which form the highlight of the desktop version will be presents on it as well. Moreover, the app will also allow you to share your edits via email and through social media channels.

Adobe Lightroom for mobile is available now as a free download, but like we said, it requires a Creative Cloud subscription in order for you to take full advantage of it. If you already own a membership, go ahead and download it now, but if you don’t then there’s a basic $9.99/month package aimed at professional photographers which you can go for.