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Adobe and Google team up to bring Flash Player on Linux

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As announced on the official Adobe blog, the company has stated that they have begun to work in collaboration with Google to churn out a Flash Player treat for Linux users. It turns out that the two companies have entered into a partnership to create a single modern API, codenamed Pepper.

This API will shoulder the responsibility of implementing Flash Player for all x86/64 platforms that are supported by Google Chrome. Later in the year, the Pepper-based Flash Player will be rolled out within Chrome for all platforms and needless to say, this includes Linux. But Linux users will have to turn to Google Chrome to avail of Flash Player after v11.2. In other words, the Player cannot be directly downloaded from Adobe since it is going to be available as a plugin through the Google Chrome browser comprising the Pepper API, for Linux users.

In addition to the aforementioned announcement for Linux, Adobe has also stated that it will continue to bring out security updates for non-Pepper API browsers of Flash Player 11.2 on the OS for a period of five years from its release. On other platforms, non-Pepper plugin APIs should be seen extending support for Flash Player, so that users can dabble in multimedia content on the web from any browser.

News of the new API for Google Chrome bringing the Flash Player plugin update may probably not be received well by all Linux users, especially those who take to using other browsers like Firefox and Midori among others.