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New Adidas Headphones Draws Power From The Sun, Or Your Table Lamp

Adidas RPT-02 SOL Adidas has announced the RPT-02 SOL wireless Bluetooth headphones which technically does not need to be recharged at all. Made in collaboration with Zound Industries, it is designed to draw power from natural or artificial light sources.

This means the RPT-02 SOL’s battery can be replenished when it’s exposed to sunlight as well as your regular light bulb. It does so thanks to Exeger’s Powerfoyle, a light cell material which converts all forms of light into battery power.

What happens if the headphones are tucked away in a drawer, hidden from all light sources? Adidas claims the device has up to 80 hours of reserve battery life. Then there’s also a USB-C charging port in case you need to juice it up via a wall outlet.

Out of the plastic used in the design, 87% consists of recycled materials. The headphones can take a bit of splashing since it’s IPX4-rated. The inner headband and ear cushions come off in case you need to wash them.

There’s no noise cancellation feature here. The RPT-02 SOL uses Bluetooth 5.2 to provide wireless connectivity up to a 10m range. You get two color option of grey and yellow. There’s a programmable light indicator as well as a 5-way control knob on this device.

The Adidas RPT-02 SOL costs $229 and will hit the market on August 23. If you’re looking for a self-charging over-ear pair with noise cancellation, there’s the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones which is priced at $199 and uses the same Powerfoyle charging technology.

If you’re after a communications headset with noise cancelling tech in particular, even Blue Tiger’s Solare, pegged at $220, utilizes Powerfoyle.