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Add Facebook friends to Yahoo! Contacts

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Remember Yahoo! announcing its plans to integrate Facebook Connect across a range of their popular sites and services? The official Yahoo! Mail blog now cites the introduction of a new feature through this partnership. Yes, users can effortlessly add their Facebook friends’ email addresses to their Yahoo! Contacts list.

That’s right! Users can now do more than just importing their contacts from sites like Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail. No matter where they are in Yahoo!, with this novel feature, users can now communicate and share easily with people close to them.

Like when users on Yahoo! Sports would want to email a friend about an article on the Winter Olympics, filling in the email address will take just a click. Sharing information with contacts whom users may have never emailed before is also simple. Simply typing the first few letters of their name in Yahoo! Mail will allow the email address of the contacts from their Facebook profile to appear in the users’ email.

Additionally importing from Facebook is also a breeze. Users can get started by going to the Import Contacts landing page and selecting Facebook. Next, they need to enter their Facebook username and password in the Facebook login window that opens. After clicking login, Yahoo! will authorize the account and begin importing the users Facebook friends.

These few simple steps will allow users’ Facebook friends’ email addresses to be added to their Yahoo! Contacts. They can view which contacts and email addresses were imported and who they already had contact information for. Users don’t need to worry about duplicates as they won’t be created.

The feature is live now.