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Adcom says Freedom 251 sold to Ringing Bells at Rs 3600, may take legal action

Freedom 251

The Ikon 4 smartphone which was being masqueraded by Ringing Bells as the Freedom 251 was sold to it by Adcom at Rs 3600, according to a statement issued by the latter company’s boss. He has also gone on to refer to the 251 handset as a ‘scam’ like many others in the country who are studying the situation.

With the controversy regarding this handset refusing to die, Sanjeev Bhatia who is the chairman and founder of Adcom has added fuel to the fire now. Apart from mentioning that each unit of the Ikon 4 was sold to Ringing Bells at Rs 3600, he has also mentioned that he would not hesitate to take legal action against the company in case Adcom’s reputation is damaged or it faces any losses due to this affair.

Through his statement to Gadgets 360, Bhatia has also made it clear that his firm had no idea of the reselling plans of Ringing Bells when the purchase was sanctioned. Calling the whole affair a ‘swindle,’ he has clarified that Adcom has no association with Ringing Bells or the Freedom 251.

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When this highly controversial smartphone, which comes at a price of just Rs 251, was unveiled for the first time, members of the press were distributed test units of it. It didn’t take too long for them to find out that the device wasn’t the Freedom 251, but an Adcom Ikon 4 unit which had its logos covered with whitening ink.

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All sorts of other suspicious details surround the Freedom 251 from Ringing Bells, and we’ve covered them all in the video which you can spot in the space above. Do give it a watch and tell us what you thought about it.