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ADATA infuses SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface into 3.5″ external hard drive

ADATA NH03 The storage device segment has been registering newer players almost every week, expanding the range of choices available for customers. Now, ADATA has designed a new 3.5-inch external hard drive namely NH03 to augment the storage solution scene. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface integrated into the device allows users to transfer data at a faster pace.

Amplifying its USB 3.0 lineup, ADATA has introduced the slender device embedded with built-in TurboHDD USB software. This capacitates the storage solution to offer transfer speeds up to 140 MB/s. The company claims that as opposed to a traditional USB 2.0 interface, the advanced interface will accelerate the performance of the drive by 400 percent. However, the NH03 will be compatible with earlier versions to allow users with all types of systems to easily utilize it.

According to the company, the 256-bit AES encryption extends fortification against unwarranted intrusion, thus safeguarding personal data and official information. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 will be available up to 2TB capacities equipped with one-touch backup button. This allows users to back up content from computing systems. It also enables them to coordinate data on different platforms to avail easy and swift use.

The casing has been implanted with novel heat vents positioned on its front and back. The designing innovation enables heat dissipation and eases air flow. Plus, it can be placed vertically and horizontally, thanks to the distinct architecture of its design. The purchase of external hard drive will permit users to download free value-add software HDDtoGO, OStoGO and Norton Internet Security 2010 (60-day trial).

The company has not yet disclosed the pricing and availability details of the NH03 external hard drive. However, like all other HDDs from ADATA’s hub this device too will be backed by a 3-year product warranty.