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Acer Aspire One dual netbook with Android for superior mobility

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With most manufacturers delivering advanced products, the needs of technology lovers today are not just limited to anytime, anywhere connectivity and socializing. Keeping Internet speed and easy access high up on their list, we’re certain they’d be as excited as us about Acer’s Aspire One netbook showcased at the MWC, 2010. The netbook wraps in both the Android OS and the Windows platform.

Offering simple usability along with instant Internet access, the netbook should enable efficiency while on the go. As the company puts it ‘Android winks to the future’ with its open source backdrop. Allowing users to extend the platform to bundle in revolutionary technologies, users should be updated about both their social and business Internet centric life.

Claiming to deliver the best of two worlds, the dual-boot netbook provides the immediacy and ultra fast connectivity along with speed of Android. Besides, users simply need to click to switch OS to benefit from the full and reliable productivity of the Windows environment. Tasks like instant access to web browsing, emails and social interaction and more are now a breeze.

Users can boot up the Acer Aspire One with Android to gain super speedy connectivity. Switching the OS will enable them to eke out the maximum from Windows 7 functionalities without any requirement of rebooting. The company further shares that all Internet connections on the Android platform stay up and running even if the netbook is rebooted or the session suspended.

It supposedly takes only 18 seconds to get instant access to Internet and emails with the Android OS in the netbook. Besides, shutting down the PC seemingly takes no more than 3 seconds.

The netbook’s availability and pricing details are blur as of now.