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Acer announces revolutionary Aspire Timeline series notebooks in India

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Acer is all set to refashion the Indian IT world. The company in alliance with Intel announced the introduction of a new series of notebooks namely the Acer Timeline series in India. Transforming the mobile computing world in the country, these new notebooks are based on the Intel ultra-low voltage (ULV) platform.

Thanks to the ULV Intel Core 2 solo processor, the notebooks adorn a slim and long-lasting profile. Enabling an array of ultra-thin consumer laptop PC designs coupled with a much longer battery life, the processor takes notebook fabrication to completely new levels. With an ability to run cooler than standard volt processors, the processor allows laptops to be around 0.8”-1” in thickness. Delivering silent operation, laptops are enabled for over 7 hours of battery life with a 57WHr battery.

“Time is precious but elusive. We try to capture it, but it’s always fleeing. This has now come to an end. The new Acer Aspire Timeline series marks the beginning of a new era in mobile computing, an era when you have more time to get things done, stay connected and enjoy entertainment,” remarked Mr WS Mukund, Managing Director, Acer India.

“Acer is focused on bringing technology that value adds to the consumer needs regardless of market conditions,” added S Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer India. “Consumers today want longer battery life, thin and light form factors with great processing technology at affordable prices. Through our partnership with Intel and their Ultra Low Processor Core 2 solo solutions we are pleased to bring leadership technology and notebook PC value to consumers worldwide.”

Acer’s new Timeline series notebooks claim to set a new benchmark by providing users with functions that are more efficient without adding too much weight. The thin and light notebooks are also capable of lowering the energy consumption to minimum besides being offered at mainstream price points. Users can look forward to eight hours and plus battery life.

Prakash Bagri, Director – Marketing, Intel South Asia, further explained, “Performance, battery life, form factor and wireless connectivity are the four vectors of mobility and consumers base their purchase decision on these. With the new Intel Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) processor family, notebooks can now measure under an inch thick, weigh much less than before and include wireless options such as Intel My WiFi or WiMAX and yet be affordable for mainstream consumers. We are pleased to work with the Acer Group to being the new Aspire Timeline series which uses the ULV processors from Intel to the Indian market.”

Bundled with the Laminar Wall Jet cooling technology developed jointly with Intel, the notebooks enhance the user experience. With an aluminum cover, the featherweight Aspire Timeline series is just 24mm thick and its weight ranges from 1.6 kg for the 13.3” model to just 2.4 kg for the 15.6”. Besides, these notebooks also comply with the strict Energy Star 5.0 requirements.

Notebook users in India can now look forward to cross the barriers of space and time with these ultra-portable Acer Timeline series notebooks