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Access to Wikipedia and Google Banned by University Professor

Google and Wikipedia-restricted area for students

Internet has brought the world closer, delivering all the information with just a click. Everybody makes use of such easy-to-get information. However, such spoon feeding can be harmful for students, according to a professor from the University of Brighton.

Tara Brabazon, a lecturer at the university expressed her views regarding “Googling information” at an inaugural lecture.

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“I call this type of education ‘the University of Google’. Google offers easy answers to difficult questions. But students do not know how to tell if they come from serious, refereed work or are merely composed of shallow ideas, superficial surfing and fleeting commitments,” said Brabazon at the lecture as quoted by Times Online.

“Google is filling, but it does not necessarily offer nutritional content,” she added.

Brabazon further said that she believes teachers of all educational institutes should teach students to use the Internet correctly.

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Moreover, she does not allow her students to use Wikipedia or Google as research tools. Rather she offers them 200 peer-reviewed printed texts to extract information from.

In a way Prof. Brabazon is right by saying that the copy-paste formula does not make students learn anything. It could be possible that such as easy hand work could harm the students’ future in a longer run. Moral of the story is success has no shortcuts!

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