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Access restricted to new Twitter clients, privacy policies invaded

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Aspects like site unavailability, additional latency, security issues and comparatively weaker search have already impinged upon Twitter. The company’s yet another issue in the form of unofficial Twitter clients which was cited to confuse users with private apps now gets over, reveals the developer’s page.

Having witnessed a massive growth, the micro-blogging company recently refused an entry to new third-party clients due repeated privacy policy violations and an inconsistent user experience. Apparently, a number of client applications have repeatedly infringed Twitter’s Terms of Service, including the user privacy policy.

The above stated issue exposes the risks associated with outsourcing the Twitter user experience to third parties. Ostensibly, the violation can result into a fractured landscape and poor design elements, thereby muddling consumers even further.

Considering these solemn aspects, the company has finally brought some significant updates to its API terms. However, Twitter is encouraging developers to improve on areas such as publisher tools, curation of content, real-time data signals for ranking and ad targeting such as Klout, value-added content like Foursquare, Instagram and Quora, and social CRM clients like HootSuite.

Existing developers of Twitter client applications will be enabled to continue, but high standards pertaining to the company’s Terms of Service will take place.

Twitter is also anticipated to protect its promoted Tweets and Topics business strategy.