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Accent AI 2.0 Wipes Out Manual Photo Editing Completely

luminar Achieving a high level of photorealism is something that all photographers and editors want to achieve. We want our images to be perfect and reflect the scene we captured with a supreme degree of authenticity. This is why post-processing is such an important task. Using editing software such as Luminar 3 can help turn your photos into magnificent works of art that look truly stunning.

The editing process can sometimes be time-consuming, however. Luckily, Luminar 3.1.0 contains a myriad of improvements that make editing easier. The most notable feature is the refinement of the Accent AI filter. This has been improved and reimagined as Accent AI 2.0. Using this tool, you can quickly edit multiple photos to a superb degree of quality. In the text below, we look at what Accent AI 2.0 has to offer, together with other improvements from update 3.1.0:

What changes have Skylum implemented in update 3.1.0?

skylumLuminar 3.1.0 is a major update to this popular photo editing program. The main changes are the inclusion of Accent AI 2.0, improved Luminar Looks, RAW & JPEG pairs, and improved image sorting in the gallery view.

Luminar Looks are a set of pre-designed styles that can be applied to your photos. These have been professionally created and look fantastic. If you want to turn your photos into marketing or promotional media, Luminar Looks can really help. Moreover, the styles can be applied in a single-click – another superb time-saving method.

The other features help speed up the image management process. You can effectively manage your photos and sort through huge volumes of images in a short period of time. The following lists other updates that are specific to either Windows or MAC devices:

Windows Updates

– Ability to import images from a memory card or external HDD
– Ability to share images via Smugmug- Improvement of the image selection process
– General performance improvements
– Ability to rotate images within the gallery view

MAC Updates

– General performance improvements- Process progress bar showing the progression of tasks such as loading images

How can Accent AI revolutionize the photo editing process?

accent-aiAs you can see, Luminar 3.1.0 has great potential. The improvements mentioned above really can make as different. If you have a large volume of photos to work with, you can save editing time. The real time-saver, however, is the re-imagined Accent AI 2.0. This amazing filter uses advanced technology to automatically enhance images. Using this tool, you can literally edit hundreds of photos in minutes. In the below text we discuss what Accent AI has to offer:

How does Accent AI 2.0 work?

Accent AI utilizes artificial intelligence technology. The software uses complex algorithms to analyze an image. It will look at different aspects of an image such as contrast, highlights, shadows, and color. For example in a landscape photo, it would analyze the sky and look at if it was over-exposed or if it needed a sharpen image to edit. Once the analysis is complete, the AI technology then formulates an appropriate edit based on its findings. The result is an automatically enhanced image that looks photo-realistic.

What is the basic function of Accent AI 2.0?

The basic function of Accent AI 2.0 is to analyze and improve the quality of an image. It can be used to turn an unedited RAW file (or other file formats) into a fully processed end-product.

How can you apply the Accent AI 2.0 filter to an image?

Using this automatic enhancement filter is extremely easy. First, you must select an image and switch to editing mode (Accent AI can’t be applied in the gallery or libraries views). The Accent AI tool should then appear on the right-hand side of your workspace. All you have to do is adjust the slider from 0 to a high value. The higher the value, the more intense the filter is applied. Simply toggle the slider until you find a balance that you are happy with. This is it – a simple click and drag function to fully edit your photo!

What benefits does this tool provide?

As you can imagine, using Accent AI 2.0 can speed up the editing process indefinitely. Previously, to create the same end result, you would have had to edit each image parameter separately such as highlights, shadows, contrast, and hue. Moreover, you may have had to apply local adjustments. Accent AI removes the need to do this. Photos can be edited in a single click and the end-product still looks authentic.

Aside from speed, Accent AI also provides consistency to the editing process. If you have a batch of similar photos to edit, Accent AI can be applied – each image will look similar in terms of overall balance, tone, and temperature.

Those who already use Luminar will wholeheartedly appreciate the changes. They can expect a huge improvement in their workflow and efficiency. New users can download the free trial and see just how effective Accent AI 2.0 is. When combined with Luminar’s other features, users now have a powerful editing tool that requires minimum effort to produce sublime quality images.