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A Tech-Forward Guide to Expanding Your Office Setup

office computer Expanding the office setup is always a great sign of growth when the comfortable startup setting no longer can house new talent and great ideas. Of course, expanding the office means new technology and it might even mean that you need to audit the existing technology you have to accommodate this speed of growth. If you are planning to grow your office and want to know what technology needs to be part of this new setup, read on.

Modern printing solutions

Printing has well and truly kept up with technological innovation and remains one of the stalwart office essentials for any fast-paced environments. Whether your business is creative or corporate, Canon printers can offer your team mobile printing solutions and the ability to translate a brief or report clearly on the page. If you were relying on outsourced printing up until now, make sure that a printing solution is part of your office expansion.

Task management software

The time for a whiteboard has passed, especially when you start welcoming more employees into the office and are spread over a greater surface area. In fact, your office expansion might include some new remote workers who will greatly benefit from an online framework that distributes and monitors workflow. The best task management software is available across all operating systems and business sizes, some of them free and others coming at a price. This is a step that cannot be undervalued, so be sure to trial a few of the leading providers to work out which one gels with your team.

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Company intranet

A company intranet can be an incredible tool for new and old employees, as it means that your team does not need to host any sensitive information on their own work devices and can easily access them centrally. It also reduces the need for people having to distribute contacts, contracts, templates and all those company-centric tools that could be housed in one central place. You will find that as your business grows, the intranet will gain greater value as more resources and tools are added to aid your whole workforce.

Digital concierge

The digital concierge has been around for a while in places like Japan, but it is now only making its way to the rest of the world and the results have been impressive. Digital concierge replaces the need for a receptionist (or at least takes away many responsibilities from reception) through its a smart system that has visitors checking-in, ordering coffee, sending messages to employees, and even alerting the office that their bathroom is out of toilet paper. By positioning your digital concierge at the front of the office, you can have all hands on deck knowing that this smart system is alerting your team when their next appointment is here without having to take them away from their work.

Video conferencing

If video conferencing wasn’t a widely used tool in the office, it certainly is now after 2020. Video conferencing can connect teams who work in different offices, form relationships with clients and suppliers, and is just a great way to communicate more authentically. Furnish your meeting rooms with screens so that your team can start to use them more readily and put a face to your business no matter who you encounter.

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Business growth is an exciting time for all in the office, but it doesn’t mean you should be grabbing the cheapest and most convenient technology out there. Speak with your team and do your research on what is best and why so that you continue expanding your business efficiently.