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A QWERTY keyboard for an Apple iPhone?

There is a new iPhone rumour for a change. According to The Register, the iPhone will come with a slide-out keyboard! Well, it is the change made for the customers in the corporate world.

iPhone QWERTY keyboard

The phone was popular in young adults and others who seemed to love something different and innovative, like the touch screen feature (it was iPhone that popularized the touch screen although the concept already existed in the market right?!). However one sector where it did not seem very helpful to use the iPhone was the enterprise sector.

Well, did someone from this sector write to Steve Jobs or is the Apple CEO so desperate to popularize the phone? Whatever that be! However an iPhone with a QWERTY keyboard is a bit unimaginable. Yes a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard! There are some really popular stylish handsets with a keyboard for the business group.

QWERTY keyboards have created a trend in the corporate world, is this ‘the’ reason that the white collared people don’t even want to try out a phone without the board?

Whatever the reason behind such an development be, The Register has not specified whether the news comes from an Apple insider or some insider in the market.

Well, till the rumour turns into reality and official announcements are made, let’s imagine all the possible looks that the iPhone will have with that slide-out keyboard!