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A Look Into 2022’s Most Creative Twitch Channels

twitch There are few modern gaming phenomena as enduring as Twitch. Originally, the gaming platform, known as Justin.tv, was designed to unite gamers by letting them follow each other’s live streams. When Twitch rebranded in 2011, it had thousands of users and a few star streamers.

By 2014, the platform caught the interest of Amazon, which bought out the group. Since then, Twitch has helped catapult interest in things like eSports, hardware peripherals, and relatable live stream hosts. In fact, the range of channel topics continues to diversify well beyond gaming.

Twitch’s average 2.49 million viewers per day dive into over 51,000 unique channels. Though the company began with a focus on gaming, the platform functions beautifully for live stream hosting of all stripes. Furthermore, the platform’s easy-to-use interface has made it easy for newcomers who may have no background or interest in gaming to find a channel that interests them.

Interested in diving into Twitch but have little interest in traditional games like League of Legends and Call of Duty? Don’t worry—there’s a Twitch channel out there for you. Keep reading for some of the most creative topics channels from 2022.


Poker has a long history of success as a spectator’s game. In fact, the first televised events were the World Series of Poker in 1973. In fact, much of the game’s popularity comes down to appearances on broadcasting groups like ESPN, which continue to showcase top players and tournaments.

Though learning the ins and outs of Texas Hold’em, the most popular variation, takes time, guides that cover all the key points are readily available. And for Twitch users, there are plenty of streamers who cover poker from various angles. Some take a theoretical approach to probability, while others showcase how to play multiple table games online at the same time.

Top streamers covering this topic:

  • LexVeldhuis
  • TrueGeordie
  • Spraggy


Though crafting used to be the domain of slow afternoons with your grandparents, creative Twitch channels covering at-home crafting are breathing new life into the hobby. For those new to the DIY world, crafting is also categorized as a ‘makers’ channel.

Wherever your interest lies, there’s a specialized streamer highlighting the ins and outs of useful products, techniques, and advice on how to accomplish just about anything. To name a few, Makers & Crafting channels cover knitting, Lego construction, cosplay design, video game-inspired sculptures, and more.

Top streamers covering this topic:

  • Cnotbush
  • BrickinNick
  • SkunkyDesigns

Animation & Graphic Arts

Similar to crafting, Twitch has a growing number of animation- and arts-based channels/streamers that showcase their animation and graphic arts talents to offer viewers an insider look into techniques and how the industry works, similar to poker streamers that cover probability-based strategy and industry insights.

The growth of the animation and graphics channels boils down to accessibility. Many people have a strong interest in creating their own art but lack the knowledge of how to get started with watercolors, digital illustration, tattooing, and more. Following these channels can be both entertaining and educational.

Top streamers covering this topic:

  • Mirggles
  • Bekka
  • Domostanton

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So far, we’ve covered poker, crafting, and arts. Each has a concrete application as either a hobby or a professional pursuit. However, not all Twitch channels are about education and improvement. In fact, many keep with Twitch’s original emphasis on DIY entertainment.

Twitch has multiple categories that deliver on adventures, including Travel & Outdoors and Sports. Sometimes, streamers simply walk around in a new city (or doing their regular bike delivery route, in the case of Miekii, below). Other times, they’re behind the wheel while driving a big rig or even live-streaming wildlife from the Sahara.

Top streamers covering this topic:

  • Miekii
  • NoriyaroJapan
  • SoFloWildlife


Similar to crafting, getting into mechanical tinkering takes insider knowledge in order to find the right tools, learn the right techniques, and get comfortable working with different materials. Unsurprisingly, the niche topic of mechanics has started to find traction on Twitch.

Much of this began with specialized interests, including horology (fixing mechanical watches) along with automotive live streams. The latter showcases individuals working on mechanical engineering for trains, Fords, choppers, and more.

Top streamers covering this topic:

  • Mr_Horologist
  • Mad_Ford_Engineering
  • DeamonMachine

RPG Streams

Gamers with an interest in RPG titles enjoy developed characters, complex worlds, and other storytelling elements that add an atmosphere of adventure. After all, a role-playing game should build out a believable and satisfying atmosphere… with a strong emphasis on world-building.

Some gamers may not actually be interested in playing popular RPGs like The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher. Instead, they might be more interested in designing those worlds from a conceptual standpoint. This means creating characters and storylines—all the way down to clothing, hair color, and backstories. And there’s a Twitch category just for these world-builders, known as RPG streams.

You can join other subscribers to help co-create new characters and worlds that are explored in different ways.

Top streamers covering this topic:

  • Tablestory
  • Rivals of Waterdeep
  • Intelligame