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A Few Reasons You Should Switch From Flash To HTML5

web-designer Roughly two years ago, Adobe announced that by 2020, it will phase out its Flash Player plug-in. Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and YouTube later responded and announced that they will disable Flash by default in their browsers by early 2020.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the major reasons why you should start converting Flash-based content to HTML5 as soon as possible.

What is Flash?

It is a proprietary application development platform used to create animations, desktop applications, mobile games, among others. The main objective of Flash is the production of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that combine animation, graphics, audio, and video for an enhanced web user experience.

Flash has staunch supporters and critics as well. The former claims that developers have used the multimedia software platform to come up with stunning animations that greatly enhance Web surfing. The latter, however, pointed out the negative aspects including the following:

  • Flash is often used to create ads that are annoying to users.
  • Requires the Flash Player plug-in to display a Flash application in a Web page
  • Not open-source and poses security risks
  • Can cause slow Web page loading times

What is HTML5?

HTML is a markup language used by the Web, and the “5” simply means that it’s the fifth iteration of the HTML standard. It is essentially the coding language that allows you to see things online.

HTML5 was designed to deliver virtually anything you’d like to do online without the need for additional software (i.e. browser plugins). It can do everything – from animation to apps, music to movies, and it can even be used to create sophisticated applications that run in web browsers.

In addition, HTML5 is not proprietary, which means there’s no need to pay royalties to be able to use it. It’s also cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet, a netbook, or a Smart TV. As long as your web browser supports HTML5, it will work flawlessly.

Reasons to Switch from Flash to HTML5

If you have animations, ads, apps, courses and other content published in Flash, now is the best time to start devising a plan to convert your content to HTML5. Some of the compelling reasons have already been mentioned in the preceding section, but here are a few more:

  • Salvage Your Investment – For businesses and organizations that have invested in Flash-based content, it’s a must to convert those Flash files to HTML5 to salvage the time, effort and money in developing those content.
  • Integrate the Latest Technology – HTML5 is a more recent technological advancement; and just like every upgrade, it is easier to use and it works seamlessly with other new technologies. HTML5 is also mobile-ready and very responsive so content automatically adjusts on different types of mobile devices in terms of sizing and usability.
  • Save on Maintenance Cost -By converting Flash to HTML5, businesses can save a lot of maintenance and other associated expenditures, which can, in turn, be reinvested in other important aspects of the business.
  • Positive Effects on Productivity and Profitability -Converting Flash to HTML5 can be beneficial for a company’s bottom line. Aside from allowing employees to access existing content on different devices, it also improves user experience by utilizing ingenious design strategies and increasing productivity.
  • Negate Security Concerns – Bear in mind that after 2020 there will be no available support and security updates for Flash. But even before, Flash is notorious for its security vulnerabilities including denial of service, executable code, overflow, and Cross-Site Scripting. In fact, these problems prompted a number of security experts to advise against installing Flash. Some even suggested that internet users must use tools to block it.

Thankfully, Adobe gave ample time – until 2020 – to convert your content from Flash to HTML5. And with a lot of benefits to be had from converting Flash to HTML5, you can prepare and do the right thing today. There’s a menagerie of information available online. Arm yourself with as much information as possible so you can make the transition as smooth and as seamless as possible.