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A 100-inch Home Video Arcade Center unveiled by Dream Arcades

Dream Arcade

Here’s one more reason why all you oldies and adults would envy your little ones and would wish that you all could be in their shoes, during Christmas time atleast. Heare’s a video arcade has every option to make you feel like a kid again this Christmas.

Dream Arcades has announced the world’s largest video arcade for home use, having a 100-inch screen. It includes hundreds of classic games like Pac-man, Centipede and newer hits like House of the Dead III and Street Fighter.

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This is more than a single arcade; it is a video arcade center. Designed to be the center of your home entertainment center. With the arcade center you can not only use your arcade like a music jukebox, but also watch movies on a big screen just like at the theater. Wireless video and audio connections means the only wire you’ll need to run is for the power. It’s even compatible with Playstation and X-box consoles. Best of all everything is included to turn your family room into the ultimate entertainment experience.

The Dream Arcades video arcade includes:

  • High powered projector – for daytime use;
  • 100-inch Portable projection screen – makes it simple to setup, move and store;
  • High power PC – Allows you to play modern PC games using authentic arcade controls;
  • Over 100 classic arcade games including Ms. Pac-man, Centipede, Dig Dug, and more.
  • The ultimate arcade control panel features:

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  • Lighted trackball – For authentic gaming action on games like Centipede and Missile Command (both games included);
  • Spinner – To play retro classics like Warlords, Breakout and Pong (these games are also included);
  • Light gun – Enjoy heart pounding games like House of the Dead 3 and Mad Dog McCree (again, these games are included);
  • Wireless video and sound – For easy setup;
  • Removable control panel – Gives you the ultimate versatility.
  • What’s more you get a high end PC with AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU, a High output DLP projector and a 100-inch portable projection screen, as mentioned earlier. Quite a smart and worthwhile purchase at $4,500 for sure.