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9 Websites To Turn To If You Want To Boost Your Grades

The intention to study better is always a good intention. It’s great when students know that they need to work harder to earn better grades. Luckily, in the era of Internet technologies and online education, gaining some extra knowledge is not a big issue.

There are lots of websites that can help you in the way you expect. If you want to learn from an instructor, there are websites where you can find a tutor and organize online sessions. If you want to get a certification, there are resources with online courses created by the world’s leading industry experts. Moreover, such academic help is usually available at a reasonable price.

Therefore, the main question students face is what websites they can trust and where to find the best materials to boost their grades. This is something we want to help you with.



If you do not have time to proofread an assignment, Studyfy is of great help for you. However, this academic help platform is not only for emergency cases. It also has lots of information for students which they can access for free.

For example, you can check essay samples, run your text through plagiarism or grammar checker, and even ask questions to support agents. This resource is great for those who need to check how others completed a task to get inspired and succeed in writing their own.

The Owl

This website is a great tool for students having trouble with citations and references. The site contains a step-by-step guide to the most popular referencing styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard). You can find all the information you need on the latest changes in referencing and make sure your paper is fully compliant with all instructions.

This website is a creation of Purdue University Online Writing Lab. It’s truly remarkable with all its features, and we strongly recommend using it if you want to excel in academic writing.


This website is perfect for editing your essays and other writing assignments. It spots the slightest mistakes and suggests the best possible ways to get rid of grammatical, spelling, or stylistic issues.

In addition to the AI technologies Grammarly uses, it also offers services of human proofreaders. This ensures a higher quality of editing with ‘a human touch.’ Also, Grammarly is enhanced with a plagiarism checker and other features that help students a lot.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a genius invention for students who used to lose their files by leaving them unsaved. This cloud-based storage keeps all changes to the files you’ve created and edited. Not a single piece of data will be lost provided your connection to the Internet is stable.

Also, you can give access to read or edit your documents to other people, which enables collaborative work. Google Drive becomes a single platform for a team involved in the same project. In addition, it has lots of features and add-ons students need to make their work impeccable.

man using apple macbook


If you have trouble finding the best topic for your paper or school project, TED Ed is a great source to find new ideas and inspiration. You can both learn something new about recent breakthroughs or get inspired by millions of great talks on the most relevant topics.

TED Ed is great for learning, finding new information, discovering, and researching. In a short video, you get condensed information with a list of the most important findings. Then, it’s up to you to decide how you use it.


Instructors and teachers enforced a negative stigma on Wikipedia as an unreliable website. It is indeed wrong to reference it in your essay. However, no one forbids you to use it to get some insight.

Wikipedia is one of the largest internet encyclopedias ever known. It would be wrong to deny its role in making information easily accessible. Thus, you can use it to find more information on any topic. However, you’ll need to find the original source of this information if you are going to use it.


This is a great website that helps students to study and memorize stuff in the most effective and old-fashioned way – by using flashcards. Nowadays, there is no need to cut paper and spend hours crafting them. All you need to do is to either use the library of existing sets or create your own utilizing different features.

Moreover, you can share your sets with your friends or ask them to give you access to their materials. There is lots of extra information on each course on StudyBlue for you as well.


Have you ever calculated how much you spend on books? You’ll be surprised how big the amount is. eFollett is the website that allows you to cut your spending on books by sharing or renting them with others.

There will be no need to decide which book you need more for the course. You can have all of them when you need them and return to books as soon as your course finishes. Many students confirmed that their grades became better simply because they got access to the resources, which they deemed to be too expensive.


Do you have trouble with math and your calculator can’t help you out? Math or finance calculations are getting complex and you obviously need a more powerful device to handle them. What if there was a website that could handle all your problems?

RealCalc is a great website that helps math, finance, economy and accounting students resolve their problems with calculations. No device can do what this website can. It is definitely a must-have for those students who have to calculate but dream to have a college life free from problems.

Final Words

We’ve mentioned 9 different websites, each helping students in its own unique way. These resources are great in providing information, inspiration, or even getting student problems handled. Yet, there are many other sources on the Internet that students may find useful.