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888poker App Review


First there was online gaming – and then there mobile gaming. The latter has been growing hugely in popularity and the trend is set to continue. So it’s not surprising that all of the major online casinos have been quick to develop their mobile apps to enable players to enjoy all the excitement of playing to win wherever and whenever they want to.

One of the most keenly anticipated of these has been from 888poker, one of the biggest names in online poker. So how does their app shape up?

First things first, it is very quick and easy to download either from Apple or from the 888poker website and creates an automatic icon that you just have to click on to get into the app.

Registration is also quick and easy, and made even better by the bonuses you’ll receive in the form of poker cash and tournament tokens exclusively for new players.

Once you’re in and ready to play you’ll find that the design is very clean and easy to follow. First you choose whether you want a cash game, a sit & go or to join a scheduled tournament and, using a handy slider control, whether you want to play for money or just have a free practice till you find your feet.

Choose a cash game or a sit and go and these same slider controls let you set the parameters including number of players, buy-in amount and even the speed of the game – normal, turbo or super turbo. As well as a full list of scheduled tournaments to choose from. Not only this, but you can play on 888pokers wide variety of alternative games such as the exciting BLAST Sit & Go, where you have the opportunity to win a prize pool up to 10,000 your buy-in. As well as the hugely popular SNAP poker, whereby you play fast hands to self-imposed time limits. This is perfect for those on the move wanting to get in a quick few hands.

As for the play itself, the webcam feature is fantastic and really suited to mobile gaming. Whilst the screen and graphics are as clean and as easy to follow as you’d expect from the rest of the app. Winnings are also quick to appear on screen – though to use the cashier you’ll be taken to a browser to complete any transactions.

It’s worth mentioning here one thing many online poker apps don’t really address and that’s loss of connection mid game. Luckily 888poker have a very clear and reasonable policy on this. So if your disconnection is detected you’re given time to re-connect. If you don’t mange this you’re considered all-in, except in pot and no-limit games or tournaments when you’re automatically folded. So even if you do have a dodgy connection they do more than some competitors to ensure you won’t miss out.

Generally the other reviews of the app have been very positive indeed though the one drawback some observers have pointed out is that it can take a little time to be allocated to a cash or sit & go table and that the tables are automatically allocated with no chance to browse.

But, overall, these are very minor quibbles for an online poker app that’s setting new standards in all areas of playability.