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7 SugarSync Alternatives

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The following SugarSync alternatives are your best bets for backing up your beloved files and folders. Not only can you perform backups, but also access the lot via different computers or even mobile devices. This ability comes in handy especially when you want to show off your pictures, videos, music and data bits to friends and family anytime, anywhere. No need to port along with your entire collection that’s stored in your home PC or laptop. You can entrust your precious content to any of the options listed here. Take a look.

1 – Dropbox:

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‘Your stuff, anywhere,’ is the tagline that’s slapped onto this particular gem. No stranger to the online storage space, it puts all your favorite content in one place and allows you to access these bits from smartphones, tablets, and PCs. You can even add pictures and edit documents while on the go. You’ll further be able to share photos and videos with loved ones without any facing any hassles.

As the developer reveals, your files are in safe hands with two-step verification and AES-256 bit encryption virtual armors guarding them. On signing in to the service, you’ll be provided with 2GB of storage space. However, this allotted room can be increased by opting for a Premium Account. There are also dedicated mobile applications for different gadgets.

2 – SkyDrive:

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‘Free your files,’ is the call to arms here. This entrant in our services like SugarSync roster provides you with a whopping 7GB of free cloud storage space that can be accessed from just about anywhere. As the tagline suggests, you can free your files from the confines of a single PC and leave them to roam across the cloud from where you can pick out your desired photos, videos, and files via a tablet, PC, Mac or smartphone.

And as the brains behind this endeavor reveal, college students can get their hands on an extra 3GB of storage space for a whole year. As expected, the company has even unveiled a set of applications for Android, iOS and other devices.

3 – SpiderOak:

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This US-based online backup tool is an ideal option for sharing, syncing, storing and accessing your precious files and folders from anywhere across the globe. The professional, personal and enterprise solution provides zero-knowledge privacy and multiplatform support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. If you wish to exploit the free version, you’ll be able to acquire 2GB free storage space, full-featured backup and access via unlimited computers.

In case you’re looking for a more virtual room, you can opt for the Plus edition that provides 100GB+ priced at $10 and $100 for a month and year, respectively. There are also free iOS and Android applications that can be respectively found on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

4 – Google Drive:

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The Mountain View-based company also hops onto the online space hoarding bandwagon with this particular inclusion in our sites similar to SugarSync array. Through this delight, you can store everything that matters to you virtually and even share it with loved ones. And besides just storing files and folders, you can also gain access to your Google documents like Sheets, Docs, and Slides via any portable gadget or a web browser.

As far as the storage space goes, you’ll be allotted an impressive 15GB absolutely free of cost. However, this hoarding area is extended across Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Now if you want more, you can opt for various other plans that range from 100GB for $4.99 per month to 16TB for $799 per month. You’ll even find dedicated iOS and Android apps for this service.

5 – Wuala by LaCie:

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The secure cloud storage solution lets you back up and stores all your indispensable files and folders online. What’s more, you can sync several bits of data even while you’re away from your home PC through the internet or via your iOS and Android-infused mobile devices with the help of respective apps. When you sign on the dotted line, you bargain for a free account where you’ll be endowed with storage space of up to 5GB.

Additional hoarding privileges are also offered via schemes that start from 20GB which is priced at just under €3 per month. Business groups like teams, SMBs and associations can avail of the 100GB & 5 users plan which is tagged at €389 per year.

6 – iCloud:

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If you’re an avid Apple enthusiast, you’ll definitely need no introduction to this contender in our services like SugarSync roundup. Now for those who want to know more about this service from the Cupertino based company well, it’s a cloud storage solution that proffers 5GB of free storage space which means you’ll have plenty of room to hoard all your favorite music, books, movies, TV shows, photos, and apps.

It further performs reliable backups so that all your precious information and applications are safely seated within the cloud.

7 – Cubby:

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Our final treat extends its services to individuals, teams and even entire workplaces so that everyone can store their respective files and collaborate with ease irrespective of their location. Your folders can either be shared publicly or kept private. And as expected, you can gain access to your content from mobile devices or via any other PC. The software further provides Cubby Locks which are noted to be user-held encryption keys.

There are 3 schemes available here namely Basic, Pro and Enterprise. While the former proffers 5GB absolutely free of cost, the Pro version supports several denominations that begin at $3.99 per month for 100GB. Pricing details for the latter can be acquired directly from the company.


The cloud service in question lets you save personal or business-related content in its cloud so that the information packed in its virtual space can be accessed by you or anyone else from a variety of platforms. Similarly, the aforesaid SugarSync alternatives allow you to do just that and even proffer a few attributes of their own. Another great thing about backing up your important files and folders is that they remain secure in the cloud and can be restored in case your local hard drive crashes. So which one do you plan on picking up?