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7 Part-Time Job Ideas For Marketing Students

It seems that more and more students are choosing marketing as their major these days. And this is not surprising. Marketing combines many areas. From consumer psychology or creating ads to analyzing campaigns and trends.

Marketing continues to evolve rapidly. All thanks to brand new technologies and ever-changing consumer behavior. Therefore, companies are expanding their staff and hiring new people, including students.

So, we’ve decided to make a list of part-time and remote jobs for students with their detailed descriptions. One of them will definitely draw your attention!

student job Social Media Specialist

Businesses use social media for many reasons. They are increasing sales, lead generation, community engagement, or brand awareness. Taking the company’s goal into account, SMM managers develop a strategy and implement it thanks to such activities as:

  • Posting content on social media channels on a regular basis;
  • Encouraging users to communicate and tracking feedback about the company;
  • Answering customer questions, resolving crises;
  • Running giveaways;
  • Working with targeted and contextual advertising.

Of course, any job requires a lot of time and effort, even if it’s part-time and remote. So, it might be hard to combine job tasks with personal life and loads of college homework. Fortunately, you can always turn to an experienced essay writer to save some time for what truly matters.

E-commerce Manager

If you are good at Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, enjoy working with UX/UI design, and have a basic knowledge of SEO, e-commerce can be a great choice for you. Here is a list of your possible responsibilities in this position:

  • Supervision of online sales processes;
  • Monitoring the implementation of sales targets, reporting results;
  • Data analysis to optimize e-commerce ratios;
  • Monitoring the market, competition activities, and market trends;
  • Coordinating mailing to customers.

Web Content Writer

A copywriter in a broad sense is an author who creates content for advertising purposes. These are texts that promote products, companies, services, people, etc.

The tasks can be different: advertising articles, slogans, scripts for videos and events as well as rewriting. The work includes not only an engaging presentation of the topic but data analysis too. Thus, the copywriter must study the characteristics of the described product (brand or service) and analyze the market. Then the task is to find a way to distinguish it from the competition.

Many consider copywriting to be painstaking work and there’s some truth to that. Creating content takes a lot of time, so a good copywriter should be patient and diligent.

Community Manager

A community manager is a connecting link between the brand and the consumer. Therefore, this job is focused on conveying the client’s feedback to the company’s management.

This specialist creates platforms for communication with clients and attracts new community members. Community managers can also generate and manage content. They comment on events, presentations, promotions, and new products of the company.

The effectiveness of a community manager can be assessed by the number of:

  • Comments or reviews on brand’s social media accounts and website;
  • Reposts and references to company’s content;
  • Likes and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

SEO specialists’ work is to promote websites in search engines. These professionals fill web resources with articles and texts saturated with the most popular requests. Surely, if you are interested in this area, you need to understand how search engines work and how sites are listed in the SERP.

In order for the site to occupy a high position, the SEO specialist works on its internal structure and files. Another step is to fill the pages with keywords, and pay attention to brand citations and mentions. Basic skills for any SEO specialist include understanding the architecture of websites as well algorithms for ranking sites by search engines.


Brand Manager

The job of these specialists is to promote a particular brand and strengthen its position in the market. Brand managers use all available methods to popularize the company’s products and take both strategic and organizational functions. They also have to analyze supply and demand for specific products regularly.

The position of a brand manager is rather challenging – the roles of this professional are quite significant, for example:

  • Monitoring company’s reputation;
  • Market, trends and competitor analysis;
  • Holding meetings with partners;
  • Organizing training events and PR-activities.

Marketing Assistant

There is no fixed to-do list for the marketing assistant as this job implies numerous responsibilities. You can work on various projects such as preparing press releases and press kits, creating promotional materials and generating the content, planning strategies, or managing social media accounts.

Besides, marketing assistants often complete administrative tasks and collaborate with employees from other departments. The main soft skills for this job are stress resistance, multitasking, and teamwork.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is a wide field for people with different skills and talents. So, if you love working with people, then a job related to brand management and PR is a good choice for you. Those with an analytical mindset might like data collection, consumer demand research, and strategy development. Moreover, if you are a creative person, you can come up with striking slogans and engaging texts about your brand.

When it comes to marketing, everyone can find something for themselves.