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7 Most Commonly Used Types of Apps On Mobile

apps We’re all using smartphones or tablets on a daily basis. Regardless if we’re talking about simply texting and calling or browsing the web. As customers, we need a large variety of options to choose from when we want to personalize our device. To satisfy the general demand for customized mobile software, many applications were created to meet the users’ needs. There are thousands and thousands of them, and we would probably need a lifetime to write them all down. We won’t do that here. What we’re actually going to do is to name the most used types of mobile apps. So without further ado, here’s our list:

1 – Communication and Social Media



Communication has always been the main reason the phones were invented for. The human need to keep in touch with other individuals inspired the software creators to come up with apps that not only resonate with people’s requirements but also help them speak their mind. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp or Reddit could ring a bell among those who use this type of software since they’re the most commonly utilized.

2 – Photography / Video


Special moments are important, and we prefer to capture them forever using any type of camera. In the past years, mobile developers greatly improved this feature of their devices. From VGA to low megapixels density, they found their way to improve their products by increasing the quality of the lenses and the software. Nowadays, any picture or video can be added a retouch using various apps available on the same device they are stored on. From just changing the filter to fully editing the entire thing, there’s no limit for what your imagination can do.

3 – Travel


Once in a while, our steps take us far away, to visit different places and meet new people. In the past, people were just stopping at the first hotel, motel or inn to spend their holiday, but luckily for us, this era gifted us with travelling apps. We can use them to book a place to stay, browse the most important places to visit nearby and even find the best place to eat or drink a coffee.

4 – Music & Audio


Ah, the sounds. Maybe our sight is a huge part of how we perceive the surroundings, but the hearing has its important part too. There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to our favourite tracks after a stressful situation or just as a way to improve your concentration. In the past few years, many apps promoting music have found their way to the spotlight, giving mobile users a better variety to choose from. Names like Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music, or Shazam are among the most popular as we speak.

5 – Entertainment


Our mobile devices can offer us unlimited entertainment. We can’t just let our leisure time go to waste! With so many applications alternatives, it would be surprising if we actually start to get bored. We can play different video games, run movies, and even mobile casinos. All by using our phone or tablet. There are more apps designed for entertaining than we could ever count. Just be careful when you download them because some might be free, but some might charge you.

6 – News & Magazine


Information is power! The more you know, the better you do in life, right? All the most important news websites and magazines developed an app that works great on any mobile device to keep their readers updated with the latest news or rumours. These apps are available in any store, free of charge and contain the latest updates. The downside of them could be the fact that the device has to be connected to the Internet while using them.

7 – Books & References


We, like many other Android, iOS or Windows Phone users have always asked ourselves if there isn’t a better option to get to read the book we like on our mobile devices. And our prayers have been listened to, as many apps have been created to supply us with e-books and support their format.

Smartphones and tablets have evolved, and together with them, all the mobile applications. They come in all shapes and sizes and form a large array of possibilities the mobile users can choose from.