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7 Best Photo Editing Software For Beginners

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There are a plethora of photo editing apps present online for you to choose from. Whether you want to edit a picture before sharing it on your social media feed or add effects on a photo for advertisement purposes, these software can help you out with every requirement. Nowadays, all mobile phones and PCs come with excellent camera quality, but you still need to touch up a picture to make it attractive and obtain the desired results.

A photo editor can simplify the whole picture editing task. The best part is, such software are easy to use and take up minimal storage on your device.

Easiest Photo Editing Software in 2021

  1. Photopea
  2. Movavi
  3. RawTherapee
  4. Skylum Luminar 4
  5. Picmonkey
  6. Pixlr Editor
  7. Fotor

All these tools are not only advanced but also simple to use and will fit your requirements as a novice. While choosing the best photo editing software for beginners, you will have to consider the following aspects :

– What is the price of the tool?

– What are the features it offers?

– Whether it temporarily alters your file or makes permanent changes?

– How user-friendly is it?

– Whether it is compatible with your device?

Do not splurge on an advanced tool if you don’t pursue enough skills to operate it. Professional photo editing software are designed for individuals who hold mastery in this field. Moreover, unless your work requires high-level precision, you don’t need the most complex programs.

1. Photopea

The simplicity of this software is impeccable. You can use it directly from the website without having to install it on your system. The edited picture could be saved in any format and exported without any bother. So all you need to edit your image is a device and, of course, a good internet connection.

Quality for money is a long-gone notion. With Photopea, you get the professional level output without spending a single penny. What makes it the best photography editing software for beginners is the wide variety of operations it can offer. If adding filters and resizing is too basic for you, try retouching pictures, altering skin, and exploring the other sophisticated features.


–  Suitable for a beginner as well as professional

– It doesn’t require a specific type of device

– Free of cost

– You don’t have to plug it into your browser

– A great tool to learn the basics of photo editing


– If you plan to work on a large file, the website might take a lot of time to upload all the contents.

2. Movavi

You must be familiar with the struggle of using a program for the first time. Before actually getting to the work, one needs to watch at least ten tutorials to understand the basics. Well, that’s not going to be the case with this app. Movavi Picture editor is designed especially for beginners and utilizes a user-friendly interface to lessen the hassles.

You can install the software on your PC, get the app on mobile or quickly edit any picture online on the website. With adequate export support, the Movavi picture editor is one of the easiest photo editing software yet advanced tools present out there. Learn more about this software here.


– You can restore old photographs using this app

– Equipped with AI technology

– Offers quick operation

–  It fits the requirements of all the photography enthusiasts at any level of specialization

– Easy to use photo editing software


– The free trial version doesn’t let you edit and save more than ten pictures and limits the functions unless upgraded to the paid version.

3. RawTherapee

If you are willing to invest some time in learning how professional picture editing works, this tool is everything that you need. As the name suggests, RawTherapee can transform your raw images from any digital camera to professional-looking ones.

You can excel in color correction with the use of this software. However, the initial phase could be a little confusing. But there is no need to worry. RawTherapee forum will help you out of any struggle and give you useful advice for the best post-processing of your pictures.


– You can track your work from the history bar present in the menu.

– The tool is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

– Free of cost

– Non-destructive software

– Offers a separate forum for the resolution of customer’s queries


–  The folder organization is a little tricky

–  No separate tabs are available for primary functions

4.  Skylum Luminar 4

This software gives direct competition to Lightroom, offered by Adobe. The only difference is, it is easier to use. The smart filters work on their own in identifying the parts of your pictures that could be improved. You can adjust the skin and make any edit within seconds.

With millions of users worldwide, Luminar has gained immense popularity among photographers and enthusiasts. If you have struggled enough with professional photo editing software and wish for a useful but less complicated tool, Luminar 4 is the best choice for you.


– Offers both organizing and editing features

– Self-explanatory icons

– It comes with a One-time payment policy

– Offers multiple editing presents and styles

– Uses AI (artificial intelligence) filters to reduce your efforts.


– You cannot use this software on a mobile phone or any other device

– Export options are limited.

5. PicMonkey

From basic filters to automatic picture resizing, this tool is a complete package in itself. With PicMonkey, you won’t need additional software for professional editing. If you struggle to select thumbnails for your video, this app is the best pick to solve all your problems.

The best part is, you can download the app on your mobile phone for daily use. Even the trial version offers so many features that you will not miss out on any significant editing aspect. Use the software for your routinely editing needs and level -up your game.


– You can use the software on both desktop and mobile

– Easy tool for a beginner

– You can sync the ongoing project with other people or other accounts

– Safe to use

– It offers a wide range of filters and styles and includes the essential options for basic photo editing.


–  The software develops glitches at times, and the only way to retrieve it is by reloading, which blows up your previous work.

6. Pixlr Editor

Advanced softwares like Adobe Photoshop are indeed useful but lack a user-friendly interface. Pixlr Editor will not disappoint you in that area. It will offer the desired professional features while allowing convenient usage.

There is no need to install the software in your system if you are low on space. The Pixler Editor website allows online editing free of charge. Remove backgrounds, touch up any image, or add text; this app is a complete picture editing suite.


– Free of cost

– You can use the editor on all kinds of devices

– Offers security, as the website does not save your edited pictures when you are working online

– It takes less space

– It comes with professional fixes in a user-friendly program


–  Ads and popups on the main site might get irritating

7. Fotor

If creative editing is your thing, Fotor software is an excellent alternative for you. It is another intuitive tool that will significantly reduce the labor in editing pictures and help you finish the work in a blink. With numerous styles and design options, you can bring out your creativity with ease.

Don’t want to install the app? No worries! You can directly visit the fotor website, upload the image and start editing. There are multiple beauty and makeover filters to retouch your pictures’ graphics and make them ready for upload on your social media feed.


– The best tool for collage-making

– Straight forward, easy to use

– Offered in both free and paid versions

– Features are regularly updated

– Extremely reliable as it boasts 450 Million+ users worldwide.


– Comprises of basic functions, a professional might need a more advanced tool


In the end, I would recommend you to go for software that’s reviewed well by the existing users. You will have to research thoroughly before landing at the perfect photo editing tool for you. Stick on one type of software as it would help you boost your editing skills with practice. Please share your experience with the mentioned apps in the comment box below.