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The 7 Best iPod Touch Apps 2011

Best iPod Touch Apps

Here we have compiled our list of the best iPod Touch apps of 2011. Talking about the snobbish Apple family, iPhone and iPad aren’t the only idevices worthy enough of all admiration for applications as the iPod Touch is not far behind when it comes to apps. As you scroll down, the iPod Touch apps will unfold one by one to prove that they are capable enough to make this lesser mortal into the ultimate hub for connectivity and entertainment.

1 – Imo:

Imo Bringing all social networking websites under one roof, the Imo will always keep you connected. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to log in Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, Skype and other SNS. It adds to the convenience as you don’t have to keep switching apps to chat with friends on different sites. You can login through multiple accounts using this app and access several messaging system. Besides an option to choose favorite buddies, the application sends you push notifications so that you do not miss out on anything if you are not online. You can send voice messages too through this free to download app.

2 – Instagram:

Instagram So what if the iPod Touch’s camera is not the greatest ones out there, the Apple App Store has apps to make up for it. The Instagram app which features instant live filters allows you to touch-up images and upload them in no time to your social networking websites. Rotate pictures on the app and store these high-resolution filtered images to your photo gallery. And Polaroid effects to make those recent pictures look like those old ones will surely bring back some retro memories. Did we mention this cool app is available for free?

3 – Skype:

Skype Skype certainly is the most excellent mediums to communicate with your loved ones and this app brings the experience to your fingertips through the iPod Touch. It is also on of the most downloaded iPod Touch apps on the iTunes store. Connect your device to the internet and the app is ready to go. Available in a number of languages, this app with a user-friendly interface offers access to other applications while you are answering a call on Skype. Also the image stabilization ensures good-quality videos. This free for all app also lets you connect to non-Skype users.

4 – Line2:

Line2 And if Skype is not enough, we present to you the Line2 app which turns your iPod Touch into a Phone. Yes you heard it right. The Line2 app lets you make calls from your iPod Touch when connected through Wi-Fi. And not only calling, the app actually offers some phone-like features including the option to send and receive text messages over Wi-Fi. It also redirects calls to your phone when you are offline. Unlimited calling and texting through this app is pretty affordable at $9.95 per month.

5 – Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus So you couldn’t watch some episodes of your favorite series? You need not be sad if you are the proud owner of an iPod Touch and a subscriber of Hulu Plus. The app of the popular streaming service which archives most TV shows and movies, is an apt way to gain access to them for entertainment on the move. Not only searching and browsing shows but the application also allows managing your queue from your iPod Touch. So connect your device to the Wi-Fi and enjoy your favorite shows and movies at a stunning HD resolution of 720p.

6 – Bump:

Bump Did you ever think that a simple gesture like bumping could let you transfer data from your device? Our guess is that you did not. Well, there is an interesting app that makes sharing applications, music and sending messages as simple as bumping. All you have to do is select the content hold your device in your hand and bump it with your friend’s. And for times when you are not with them, the updated version of the application helps you to virtually bump your friends. This application also allows cross-platform bumping on iPhone, iPad and a few other devices. All the iPod Touch apps we have recommended may not be free but this social networking app is available freely at the Apple App Store.

7 – Kindle:

Kindle The Kindle app is for those who cannot do without their daily dose of reading. It brings the Kindle platform on your iPod Touch along with numerous books available in the Amazon library. You can browse through books and even read their first chapters before you buy them. If you don’t like the font or the background, go ahead and customize it with what suits you the most. It also lets you look up Google or Wikipedia for more information in addition to the dictionary. Besides the gesture recognition function, it comes with a search option to find topics inside a book.

We tried to cram in an application from all genres in our list of the best iPod Touch apps 2011 to bring in a decent collection. Let us know if you’ve been using or plan to use any of these apps.

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