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7 Best Apps for Windows Phone 2011

Best Windows Phone Apps

‘Applications’ emerging as one of the tech elements dominating our lives isn’t the only reason to have compelled us to jot down the 7 best apps for Windows Phone 2011. If Apple is enjoying the crème da la crème position with Android following swiftly, the Windows platform too is catching up albeit at its own pace. So, we decided to peep into Microsoft’s kitty to dish out what it has in store for Windows Phone users.

1 – Seesmic:

Seesmic App To stir up the social networking potion into Windows Phone 7 platform, the Seesmic app has it all. Bringing together two renowned platforms – Twitter and Facebook on a single tile, this app ensures that these famous s-networks keep you hooked all day. Basically, it places all social activities on both sites into a common enclosure. To pep it up further, you don’t need to shell out any money for it.

2 – Yelp:

Yelp App If that foodie within you often unleashes then some help from Yelp would certainly come handy. The app puts finding local restaurants, bars and shops at your fingertips. This isn’t all, it welcomes your opinion on places through your Windows Phone device. The location-based app can be indulged into at no cost.

3 – The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel This app spells in weather forecast details like temperature, wind, humidity, sunrise, sunset, and more right onto your Windows phone’s display. The free app lets you zoom into hourly, 36-hour and also 10-day forecasts. To keep you hooked further, interactive weather maps, panoramic view screen, metro traffic cameras, snapshot of weather conditions for saved locations and more have been included.

4 – SkyFire Mobile:

SkyFire Mobile App There’s more than just wanting to get rid of that mobile browser on your Windows handset, that SkyFire is featured in our list of apps for Windows Phone. This popular browser enables surfing the web, watching videos and other content efficiently. Moreover, it comes with support for Flash 10 as well as Silverlight 2.0. Add in your personal touch as the browser is completely customizable and also integrates with popular social networks.

5 – Evernote:

Evernote App Don’t know where to pen that thought, simply add it in the form of notes to Evernote and access it from anywhere, anytime. Besides, audio and other text can also be scribbled to be used even through the desktop. Though the app can be procured for free, you can also opt for the paid version. All you need is an Evernote account. Moving into the Windows zone of handsets, the app leverages on the OS’ interface and pivot panels.

6 – Voxofon:

Voxofon App Skype has been going places, and those wanting to leverage the service on their Windows handsets can do so with Voxofon. The app isn’t all about Skype as it also ropes in Google Talk and other VoIP services. Although you may have to pay for some VOIP services, GTalk and Skype can be accessed at no charge.

7 – Fandango:

Fandango App Movie buffs seeking for quick purchase of tickets, can book a movie and also check out reviews right from their Windows handsets. All one needs to do is create a Fandango account to start purchasing tickets. The location based, free app also displays trailers of movies and upcoming flicks with seasoned searching using the slick search tool.

With Microsoft’s newest fruit to ripe soon, we may see a lot happening in the Windows MarketPlace. For now, users could indulge from among these seven best apps for Windows Phone 2011.