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7 Best Apps for Modern Students

apps for students Technological innovations have favored many people and industries in the modern world. The education industry, more so students, has not been left behind. From apps to manage their curricular and extracurricular schedules to helpful ‘study buddy’ applications, there is a whole market of applications that cater specifically to the students. Here are a few apps that can be indispensable to students.

For many students, school may be the most crucial thing they have to deal with, but it isn’t the only thing. You need an application in which you can list down all your to-dos in a to-do list. With, you can separate your various to-do’s into categories so that your home grocery shopping isn’t all mixed up with your school reminders. You can also prioritize your tasks.

Furthermore, if you sync your to-do lists, they should be accessible from anywhere and across multiple devices. Download the app, add in your tasks and reminders, and use a widget to have them on your home screen so that you are reminded every time you unlock your phone.

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One of the most significant technological advances of our time, besides Artificial Intelligence, has been cloud technology. Now, you don’t need to have your documents on your phone, laptop, or portable hard drive to access them. The fear that your device may be attacked by malware or get lost no longer fazes you as you can back up all necessary information into the cloud and access it from anywhere.

Your teachers can also use Dropbox to store all pertinent information concerning the class, from notes to assignments, and the students can access it from anywhere. So if you had kept that paper and can’t find it anymore, as long as you had backed up, you could find it in your Dropbox easily.


Buying books is an expensive affair. Yet, every new school year, you have to purchase new books for your classes. You may also have to pay to access documents and texts that would help you learn more. Thanks to Scribd, you can access millions of books on one platform. What’s more, you can create your own reading lists by organizing the information you find useful into topics. And if you need to come with a title for your paper based on one of these topics, just use an essay topic generator. You can later share your library of notes, books, and texts with other people looking for the information you have gathered.

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If you love learning, then you will love TED talks. With the TED talk app, you will meet and learn from some of the world’s most inspiring and renowned thought leaders, all without leaving your bed if you don’t want to. You will find many short and inspiring topics from a wide range of issues. Please don’t waste any more time on those cat videos; watch a short TED talk; it may change your whole world view.


Are you a literature student? You most probably have many books you need to go through throughout your course, and sometimes you need an app to make that reading much more manageable. That’s what CliffNotes will do for you. In it, you will find pertinent information from different books, for example, the book summaries, the plot, the themes, and even the characters’ summaries. If you are short on time, you could also decide to do an audio version so that you can study on the go.


One of the most tedious parts of writing essays is making the bibliography. This is because you have to figure out how to write the citations according to the writing style and find pertinent information concerning the source, like the publication year. EasyBib has got a solution to this problem. Simply write the book title in the app, and it will give you the correct citation. All you have left to do is to copy it to the works cited, and you are good to go.

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This app, similar to Photomath, is invaluable for students who have problems with mathematics. If you type in or take a photo of the math problem you are having trouble with, Mathaway will give you the answer for free. You can use it to confirm if the answers to your calculations are correct or if you need to rework the question.

For a step-by-step guide on how the problem can be solved, you have to pay. For an even higher subscription fee, you can get a tutor. This app is also great for parents who aren’t mathematically inclined and cannot help their children with their assignments.

In this age of information overload, our days are jam-filled with obligations, books to read, assignments to do, videos to watch, and series to keep up with. It may be crazy-making. However, if you use technology well, it may be able to serve you well. You can use it to organize yourself and your obligations so that you are spending your time wisely and getting the best out of each day. These apps are an excellent place to start in making your student life more enjoyable.

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